Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two Met Along the Way: Countdown begins for start-up of "real blog"

Here's the truth: I am just too tired to write anything tonight. I am too exhausted to even write these few words that I now peck out. I wonder how they keep appearing on the screen before me, if I am too tired to write them?

On that score, I did see my doc and he says I am healing up real good. Real good. Still got lot of pain to bear and probably a good month or more of sleepless nights ahead of me, but I'm doing good, my broken bones are on the mend, and the artificial stuff is doing the job.

Now, as to the kitten above, I met it while walking down a Wasilla bike trail. It came to visit  me. I asked it to tell me its history and it did, but all in "meow" and "purr," and while I had a pretty good idea, I'm not confident enough that I interpreted the meaning correctly, so I will let this cat's history go unspoken.

He was mighty friendly, though.

And here's another one whose history I do not know. I found it in Pet Zoo, a Wasilla pet supply store. They do not sell cats here, but they do put rescue cats up for adoption. This was a rescue kitten that someone had brought in.

The girl loved it, and wanted to take it home, but I am not certain if that ever happened.

I have decided to launch the "real" blog on Tuesday of next week. Between now and then, I will keep my posts very simple, with a minimum of story telling, because I've got a lot of work to do before I can launch the new blog. I've also got much work to do that has nothing to do with the blog. Tons of it. I am months behind.

But I will keep making little posts, with pictures of both Kracker Cats and Cats Met Along the Way. Then I will have some stories to tell.

If you haven't already, please check out my new Wasilla blog:

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Team Tabby said...

We are looking forward to the new blog you are working on and reading your cat stories. In fact, we have just been to your Wasilla, Alaska blog and left a comment. Good to hear your doctor is pleased with your healing. We hope you are taking it easy, but we know you can't sit still for long.

Mindy & Moe