Friday, October 3, 2008

How the Kracker Cats came to be, part 7: Pitted against the family lawyer, Nabysko proves Kaboodle to be a person

Nabysko and Kaboodle in the backyard.

Soon, Tryskuit and her brothers returned to school. Nabysko entered for the first time. One day when the leaves had turned bright orange and red, she, Sunflower, Fire and I were driving somewhere. Nabysko decided to put on a demonstration of how smart she had become since enrolling in kindergarten

"I know how many people are in this family," she proclaimed.

"How many?" Fire asked.

"Eight!" Nabysko responded, proudly.

"No, seven," Fire retorted.




"Seven. Nabysko! Count them. There's Mom, one; Dad, two; Toast, three; Rye, four; me, five; Tryskuit, six, and you, seven. Seven. There are seven people in this family."

"Kitten Kaboodle."

"You said 'people.' Kaboodle is not people. Kaboodle is a cat."

"Kaboodle is a member of this family." Nabysko grew testy.

"Yes," Fire was getting annoyed, "but she's not a person. She is not people."

"Kitten Kaboodle Kracker."

"She is a cat!"

"Kitten Kaboodle Kracker!"

"A cat."

"Kitten Kaboodle Kracker!"


"Kitten Kaboodle Kracker!"

When he was two, we began to call Fire our lawyer. From that time forth, it had become all but impossible for anyone to gain the upper hand on him in an argument. Still, he fell silent. He had been out-lawyered by a little girl, and he knew it.

Fire felt so badly after being out-lawyered by Nabysko that he took a nap with The Whole Kitten Kaboodle.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Didn't you explain to him that no one ever wins an arguement with a five year old. Especially a female five year old.

Standtall said...


Suzi said...


I have been working my way through your blog today and just wanted to say hello and thank you. I am an American living in Bangalore and am currently in Mumbai for 2 weeks for work and was feeling low today missing my husband and my two gorgeous feline girls back in Bangalore. I happened on your blog through the Cats of Bangalore blog (I contribute there periodically and have been lucky to meet some wonderful cat-loving people)and reading about you and your family (both human and feline) made me laugh, smile and sob. I am sorry for all of the difficulties that you have faced since your injury but I am so glad that you have continued to share your stories, if not for them this day would have been lonely for me indeed. Thank you.

Grahamn Kracker said...

zss: Come to think of it, I have never won an argument with Nabysko, either. Oddly enough, I can't think of any argument that we have ever had, though. We have always gotten along in an excellent manner, even when she was a teenager.

Standtall: Always good to hear you laugh!

Suzi - You have made my day. Glad to know that my absurd little blog has helped you through a hard day. When next I go to Bangalore, I hope that I can find you and that I can photograph your two gorgeous feline girls. That might be this winter, as my cherished Muse, Soundarya, is planning to get married in Bangalore January or February and I am determined to be there.