Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Momma Cat and her two little kittens

First, I apologize for leaving this story hanging for so long. During my two weeks in India, I had almost no time for blogging. In fact, Tryskuit and I spent very little time in Bangalore, as our hosts, Murthy and Vasanthi, took us traveling over a large section of Southern India.

Anyway, in the post I made way back when, I showed a picture of the Momma cat that we met shortly after we arrived at Murthy and Vasanthi's.

Tryskuit spotted the cat first, when she stepped out onto the second floor veranda. She called to me and I came running, peeked down, and this is what I saw. I clicked this image.

The sound of the click caused the cat to look up at me. I did not know if I had scared her.

She moved on, and I clicked her again as she passed by a motorcycle.

Then she went into some bushes.

A short time later, Buddy, the nephew of Murthy and Vasanthi, showed me her two kittens, up in a protected area in the eves of the house.

Frightened by my appearance, the calico hissed. I did not blame her for being frightened. Down below, there are street dogs. Up above, birds of prey. I stepped away, to let them be.

The Momma cat hears the meows of her babies and meows back.

This story will continue.

Friday, May 8, 2009

As soon as we settled down in Bangalore, India, a cat appeared - more on this to come

It has been so long since I have posted a cat pic here! I did not see a single cat during my most recent wanderings in the Arctic. Afterward, I did spend a few days at home and I did take several Kracker cat pictures, but I never got the chance to post them.

Now I am in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, with Tryskuit and no sooner had we arrived when this mother cat appeared.

Mother cat?

That means there must be kittens, right?

Come back and find out.