Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wry, Royce and cheese - the love story between the orange cat and the baby-turned-toddler-turned-little boy continues

Wry grows ever more articulate. In the evening, I point my camera towards him and he suddenly shouts, "Cheese!" Another word in his vocabulary! But where did he pick it up from? I never tell anyone to say cheese. To do so would be to violate my photographic technique.

It must have happened at day care. At dare care, he gets his picture taken every day for the class on-line newsletter. The picture taker must have told him to say, "cheese!"

Wry and Royce.

Wry gives Royce a smooch.

After the smooch, Wry smiles.

Then he notices that I am still taking pictures. "Cheese!" he shouts again.

Wry gives Royce some love.

He pats his furry belly.

Oh, I tell you, this Royce is an indulgent cat!

We are very thankful for Wry and Royce.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charlie the cat man comes to visit

Charlie understands cats and they understand him. Here he is with Royce, both observing the same thing.

Royce needed a good brushing. Charlie gave it to him.

A bit later, little Wry came along, carrying socks.

Little Wry raises the socks into the air. What do you think he is thinking? What will happen next?

Good grief! Royce is wearing socks!

Royce goes to Tryskuit.

Royce and Tryskuit.

Royce relaxes by himself for awhile. Where is Charlie?

Why, Charlie is with Jim!