Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wry in the midst of cats

I really do not like the structure of this Google blog. This is a photographically oriented blog and I would like to separate the words from each day with photographs inbetween. But this does not allow me to do that. So, all the photos get pushed to the bottom, where none can be seen without scrolling down below however many days worth of blog text one has entered. There must be a solution. I will look for it another day, but not tonight. Tonight I am too tired. Tonight, I met the big deadline that I had referred to, with seven minutes to spare. Now I am exhausted, even as I was before I began. Too exhausted to seek out the solution. So any reader will have to go down south to find today's photo entry.

(5/27) As you can see, I did solve the problem described above, and the solution was quite simple. I still don't care for this blog structure, however. It is not going to work for the real blog, come fall. Even so, as time allows, I will still learn more about working with blogspot, and see what I can do.


MikeF said...

Brilliant blog, Grahamn - very glad to meet you!

Do give Blogspot a chance - I had your feelings when I started with it almost 3 years ago, but I've grown to love it. Works especially well with Windows Live Writer - if you're running Windows, that is ;-)

Give my love to all the cats

Mike - and Figgy, Lulu, Ruby the kitten, and Fifi the kitten.

Grahamn Kracker said...

Thank you, Mike. I will stick with Blogspot through the summer - and I will give your blog a close look, to see what you have been able to make it do.

MikeF said...

I'm afraid you may be disappointed looking at my blog, Grahamn - I'm not very adventurous when it comes to images and things. There are some there - if you look hard! - but I fear it's mostly text...


Grahamn Kracker said...

Mike, I am not the least disappointed. Some of us do photos, some of us don't. I like the way your columns expand and contract to fit the page.

Of course, for me, that would be awkward unless the photos did it, too. I visited several of your pages to see if I could find a photo, so I could observe what happened to it when I changed the size of the window, but so far I have not found one.

I did find a lot of information on Franciscans, which is interesting. Perhaps if I am ever in your territory, you can guide me to some monastery cats, or to cats that just hang out in a church.

I once visited a great and beautiful cathedral in Salisbury, UK. I asked the Priest at the front desk if there were any cats in the cathedral, but he said there weren't.

I'll bet there is, though.

I don't think you could keep all cats out of such a place.