Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, hell.

This is not the real blog...

...the real blog will follow, hopefully next fall.

There was a time, not quite two decades ago, when I, Grahamn Kracker, a photographer and writer who roams the far north, still believed myself to be a true despiser of cats.

Now, I cherish cats. If I am home, hardly a day passes without one of the cats who lives here wandering in front of my camera lens. Over the years, I have written many stories about the cats who live here - humorous stories, annoying stories and sometimes, tragic, heartbreaking stories. When they were small, I made up bedtime stories about cats for my two daughters, Tyskuit and Nabysko.

When I travel, I photograph all cats who I am fortunate enough to meet and I learn what I can of their stories. I have photographed and written about cats from all regions of Alaska - from the Aleutian Islands to the Arctic Coast, from up and down the Yukon River, the Kuskokwim, from within the Brooks Mountain Range and the rainforests of Southeast.

In addition, I have documented cats in 24 other states, the District of Columbia, various Canadian provinces, England, Russia and India.

So, when I make this blog for real, I will share these photos and stories with all those fortunate or unfortunate enough to stumble upon my blog. I would like to start this blog - right now! - but I have taken on a big project that will keep me ruthlessly busy until fall, so I do not have time.

Still, I feel a need to make the idea of such a blog real, so what you see here is just the idea. The real blog will follow, come fall, either here or in another location. And it will be a blog the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

In the meantime, as time and cats allow, I will post a few current pictures now and then, plus a relevant word or two.

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