Thursday, April 2, 2009

Now we lay our boy down to sleep, and turn him over to our cat to keep

How Royce must love this little boy! The boy we call Wry. How patient Royce is with Wry. Look! Wry is charging toward Royce and Chicago! What can anyone expect the cats to do, but to flee?

Chicago does flee. But Royce stays put. Royce knows what is coming. Royce waits for the toddler to crash down upon him.

Wry and Royce. Wry can be so rough with Royce. Royce is so gentle with Wry.

I often find Royce watching out for Wry, observing him. Remember Wry's first birthday party? Royce was there, to watch him wallow in cake. Remember when Wry took his first steps? Royce was there, to watch and encourage.

Wry gets up. Royce gets up.

Here they are, together again, playing on the floor.

It looks as though Royce whispers in Wry's ear! But a cat can't whisper! What would Royce whisper if he could?

Bend down close and listen... Royce does not whisper, he purrs.

And then, when little Wry goes to bed, Royce is there to say a prayer for him. No! No! No! This is absurd! Cat's don't pray.

Or do they?

How would a human know?

And if a cat prays, what kind of God does it pray to?

A furry God?

A God with a twitchy tail?

A God who purrs?

Surely, if Royce does pray, this is how it translates:

"Dear God - This little kid is rough. He tumbles right down on top of me, rolls right over me. God, this little tyke has been known to pull out tufts of my fur, and stick them in his mouth. But, hell, God! I love him. Watch over him, and keep him safe."

And all this Royce will say with just one single word, "Meow."

"Meow" is one mighty powerful and flexible word.

Carnival of the Cats: I don't know what got into me, because I sure don't have the time or energy, but a few months back, I volunteered to host "Carnival of the Cats" for next week. I must be an April fool. But I am committed and I will do it.

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michico*Adan said...

Actually I really hope I could shrink to baby's size, than I could lie on Adan's body~!
Must be feel really great~!

I am so admiring the baby :)

Eric and Flynn said...

Royce is such an amazingly kind, loving and protective cat. You are so lucky to be owned by him. Wry has a true friend and guardian there.

Elin~ said...

I remember when Wry take his first step, and he dived into Royce!

Royce is loving Wry so much!

Prickly Pear Blossom said...

Wry thanks Royce for his patience. My Wry is lucky to have him as his this post!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

There are some cats who will tolerate almost anything from a baby or toddler. Their patience exceeds adult humans. Zippy grumps at mom, bites her hand for petting too long and yet will allow the two year old to carry her around by tucking her under his arm and letting her back end flop around!

Margaret Cloud said...

Royce is such a pretty cat and it is nice to see him tolerate Wry, a very nice post and pictures.

Aloysius said...

That's really true love, isn't it?

heidi said...

so sweet

Ikaika said...

Bill, this is a beautiful post of a child's trust in his cat, the cat's love for a child and a man's love for his family. Thank you for sharing!

'Kaika's mom

StandTall-The Activist said...

Who says cats can whisper? He must have told Wry something. I love their closeness