Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A warm gathering between toddler, dad and cat ends in a high note

Little Wry, Royce and Toast Ed were all snug and warm on the couch, enjoying each other's company.
Little Wry was overcome with an innocent, sweet, expression. This is when a toddler is at his most dangerous.

Suddenly, little Wry jumps up and kicks Dad... well, you know. Dad screams.

Now little Wry drops down with his knee. Royce is worried, but holds his ground.

Wry is very pleased. Royce ponders his own safety. Toast Ed squeaks out a few high notes.


momsbusy said...

OUCH!!! royce was very brave to have hung around after that. all of my kitties would have exited stage left very quickly. sure hope toast ed recovered.

we have missed your posts. hope all is well and it was just a busy schedule or the change in seasons.

StandTall-The Activist said...

I take this to be CATS On TUESDAY... and this is awesome. Shoulda shown a couple of newest pictures of my cats today. But am sure not up to it.

Ikaika said...

How painfully sweet!! Brave Mr. Royce!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

OUCH! We think Grampa will be extremely happy when all da grandchildren are old enuff to not accidently jump on, um, er, uh, sensitive areas.

glogirly said...
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glogirly said...

I'm enjoying your blog...just stumbled onto it today. My husband is a little like you...very anti-cat...until our 3rd wedding anniversary when he brought home a tiny little ball of black and white fur. It was then that I knew he TRULY loved me. :o)

woops! made a spelling mistake in the first comment.

heidi said...


Debby said...

There are moments in parenthood that bring tears to your eyes. This would be one of them.

I have tears in my eyes too, strangely enough. No, (*coff*)I am not (*snort*) laughing at your poor son.(*gasp*)

Bill said...

momsbusy - not only did Toast Ed recover, but last night I saw him laughing when I guy on TV suffered a similar blow.

Standtall - I always look forward to seeing your cats.

Ikaika - I will tell Royce that you think he is brace.

zss - I don't know - that gave grampa a good photo op. Dad might be happy, though.

deleted - darn

glogirly - oh, deleted must have been you. Glad you enjoy the blog. I am a bit overwhelmed with too many things right now and have been letting it slip a lot, lately, but keep checking back. I will get it back on step, one of these days.

Glad your husband truly loves you - and the cat.

heidi - always nice to see you here

Debby - My son will be very glad to know that you did not laugh at him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle !
This is Ramya ( Ramz ).
I loved all the pictures , especially the one in which Royce is relaxing. Is Muzzy a St. Bernard? Loved his complexion! :))))

Your's ,

Grahamn Kracker said...

Niece Ramya - Muzzy is a St. Bernard!

This link will take you to the series of posts in which your dear akka Soundarya stars... :)... :(