Saturday, November 1, 2008

The guardian angels of New York City's Anjellicle Cats

I know - at first glance it seems both sad and unfair to see such a beautiful cat as Xena here caged up like this, but this Manhattan cat is fortunate. Not so long ago, Xena was facing destruction, but then she came under the care of one of the guardian angels of Anjellicle Cats Rescue, someone known as a foster.

In fact, Xena does not live in a cage at all, but rather in the foster's home - until that day comes that someone adopts her and gives her a permanent home. Xena is in the cage because she has come to the "Spoiled Brats" pet supply store in Midtown Manhattan to take part in a Halloween fundraiser for Anjellicle.

Angelica is one of the foster guardian angels who gives her time, home, and money as a volunteer foster for Anjellicle Cats. Angelica has two cats of her own, but volunteered to take in two more as a foster. "I want all the cats in New York to be safe and to have good homes," she explains. 

"So if that means that I need to foster cats myself to keep them safe until the right people adopt them, then I am happy to do that." 

Robert is the cat she holds. He is also known as "Tails," because he has a crooked tail. It is a little hard to tell, because it is the same color as Angelica's shirt and blends right in with it, but Robert Tails is wearing a Halloween costume.

Angelica knows that the day that somone adopts Robert Tails will be both happy and sad for her. She will be sad to see her friend move out - happy to know that she kept him safe and secure until a good home could be found for him.

Now you can see Robert Tail's costume a little better. As part of the fundraiser, all who pass by "Spoiled Brats" this day are asked to vote for the cat they think has the best costume. Angelica lobbies hard for Robert Tails, asking everyone who appears to vote for him.

She even asks me. Of course, as a serious journalist who must cover such events with a neutral eye, it would be against my ethics to vote for one cat out of the many.

"Please!" Angelica pleads. "Vote for Robert. He will get a prize." She even tells me what the prize is. I can't remember, but I know it was damn good, something any cat would be thrilled to have.

"I can't," I insist. "Mr. Tails is a great cat, but I just can't. It's an ethics thing."

"Please," Angelica pleads again. "You can. It will be all right."

"Oh, okay," I yield. I vote for Robert Tails. 

Now I am disgraced as a journalist. I hope this doesn't get out. I hope no one ever learns of this breach of my journalistic ethics.

So be quiet about it. Don't tell anyone! 

I am not certain who this cat is. Maybe it's Madeleine. Anjellicle Cats keeps a list of all the cats their volunteers foster on their website, with pictures, but it will surprise no one to learn that there are a number of tabbies there - and the pictures are tiny.

Still, I think this cat is Madeleine. Madeleine is enjoying the pet, but soon the petter will go into "overpet" mode. Madeleine will hiss at her.

That's okay. Even good cats do this kind of thing.

Madeleine also hissed at this little dog. The dog deserved it.

Now Xena has put on her Halloween costume. I wonder if I can cast two votes? I believe the kitten to be "Phoenix."

This kind of looks like Starbuck, but it could be Pebbles, or Sunny - I don't know. All I know for certain is that I wanted to take it out of New York City and bring it home to Alaska, to live with me. Of course, I wanted to do that with all the Anjellicle cats. I couldn't.

Madeleine again, getting the look-over. Anjellicle neuters all cats that come into their care, and vaccinates them. They have strict rules that all who adopt an Anjellicle Cat must abide by.

I am too lazy to even try to identify this one. I will just call him, "Too Cute." Many of the cats Anjellicle rescues come from the Euthanasia wing of the City shelter, but Anjellicle will rescue a cat wherever it can.

And once they have it, the cat is blessed with "no kill."

Anjellicle Cats hang out in the "Spoiled Brats" store.

H'mmmm - none of these three are wearing costumes. I could easily have voted for any one of them. I do not know who won. I sent an email to Anjellicle Cats, asking for the name of the winner.

I have yet to receive a response, but if I do, I will post the name here.


Daisy said...

I just read about your blog on the Cat Blogosphere site. It is nice to meet you. What a wonderful story and photos you have here!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We read about your blog on the CB too and came by to say hello. Those are beautiful cats. We hope they all found a home. If not, at least they will still have a chance to get a home since they were rescued as no-kill. That's terrific.

Team Tabby said...

We like to sleep in those cardboard cartons too! Thanks for showing us the cats you met while in NYC.

Mindy, Moe, & Bono

Holiday Maker said...

Nice blog with good stories and photos. I like the photo, the cat Madeleine hissed at the little dog.

Standtall said...

This is interesting!

Standtall said...

They look lovely and I wish they find good homes soon

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh yes, that dog definitely deserved a hiss...all the dogs we know would never stand up like that! They must respect the kitty...Hey, we see Daisy has been to visit, and Jan and Mindy and Moe. Wow, this may become a bit over crowded.

Karen Jo said...

Anjellicle Cats sounds like a wonderful organization. I hope all the cats find forever homes soon. Your pictures are lovely.

xy_meowie said...

wow wat lovely cats! :)

Grahamn Kracker said...

Thanks, everybody, for the comments!

I agree, Anjellicle cats is doing a good thing.

I will visit all of your blogs now.

Angelica said...

Thank you for posting this blog! We do remember this fun day in October. Madeline(which name is Minnie) and Robert aka Tails found great homes in Jan. Since then I have found furever homes to 3 more fosters! We are always grateful to our bloggers. Anjellicle cat is now on twitter and Facebook and would love some following. we are always doing great event and placing as many cats and kittens to great homes.