Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It has been a long time since I have reported on any activities of the contemporary Kracker Cats. First, I began to tell the history (which I must soon get back to) of the original Kracker Cats, beginning with the Whole Kitten, Kaboodle. Then I spent a week running around New York City and I had no chance to post, period. Next, I ignored the cats who live here so that I could tell stories about the cats I had met in New York.

So it is time to catch up a bit on the activities of the Kracker Cats.

This particular activity took place on October 29, right after I got back from New York. As you can see, Martigny is extremely excited about some dramatic event that is happening right outside our back door.

Just what, I don't know.

Royce is less excited; he is just slightly curious.

Now Jim comes over to check out the excitement. As you have probably already noticed, baby Wry observes with nonchalance.

Whatever it is, Jim and Marty are transfixed. As you can see, Royce has left the scene.

Perhaps it is because he has 15 years or so of wandering in and out of the house at will, or at least when he can get someone to open the door for him, and so things from the outdoor world that are a wonder to the indoor cats are commonplace to him, but, for whatever reason, Royce loses all interest and curls up beside me to take a nap.

Now Jim has stepped out of the picture - but not because he has lost interest. He just seeks a better vantage point. Sunflower is growing very curious and wants to know what has captured the cats' attention.

I want to know, too.

As Barack Obama campaigns on TV, Sunflower and Wry get up to check out whatever it is that have the cats going so. Sunflower can see nothing. Maybe Baby Wry sees it, but we don't really know what Baby Wry sees, even when he looks at exactly what we look at. Sunflower even goes outside, onto the back porch, to see if she can spot the item of interest. She cannot.

Baby Wry's attention goes elsewhere. Marty remains intently focused on the great mystery.

Jim has found a better vantage point.

Royce lazily opens his eyes. Silly young housecats, he seems to be thinking.

The silly young housecats remain intently focused upon that which remains a mystery to us humans.

How stupid can you be? Marty's eyes seem to say, don't you understand the magnitude of what is happening, just beyond our back door?

No. I'm afraid I don't.

The cats got me here. Sometimes, we think they don't comprehend so many things that are obvious to us but to which they are oblivious - like, say, a Viagra commercial on TV. They don't get it at all.

Yet, even so, they are comfortable in their complete understanding of the world. And, as is clear here, it is obvious that they see, hear, observe, and know many things that we foolish humans are just as oblivious to as they are the Viagra commercials.

Obviously, these two are very bright. They understand that which eludes us.

Marty leaves in exasperation, perhaps to go to another window in a bedroom. Jimmy continues his studies, as does Wry, although they study different subjects.

And Royce sleeps peacefully, because he knows more than all of us, including the house cats. The house cats will never know what Royce knows. I hope they live as long and healthy as he has.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

It makes me crazy when all three run to a window and plaster themselves against it like there's some big thing going on and I can't see it...then they look at me like it was no big deal anyway when I get up to look. I always ask them what it was, like they're going to tell me. I'm an idiot...

Parker said...

We have been there and done that in this home many, many times!

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

It's amazing how keen the cat's senses are! I swear sometimes my kitties are seeing and hearing things that just aren't "there"! LOL!

Daisy said...

I love Marty's pretty face!

MoMo said...

Maybe Momo is an old cat and doesn't get excited much but I love how your kitties would stand right up against the door.

Eric and Flynn said...

Whatever it was, it was obviously very exciting. We have intruders who come into the garden some nights, and I, Flynn, scrape at the window and yowl, but when mum gets the torch, they have already gone.

Team Tabby said...

You saw the intruder at our window!!
Our mom likes Angel, we don't!

Mindy, Moe, Bono