Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buddies Thunder and Clyde turn into party animals

Thunder Paws and Little Clyde Texaco quickly became good buddies. They romped and played.

But they always took time out to practice good hygiene.

They loved to party! How those two kittens could party!

Yet, I hate to say it, but both would soon undergo a procedure that would make certain that they're future partying did not take a certain turn that partying sometimes does. 

As you will see.

And you can see this picture bigger. Just click on it. It works for the others, too.


Anonymous said...

We love the 1st photo! Did they learn to brush their teeths? We do not enjoy brushing teeths.

Parker said...

I love, love love those photos!

Eric and Flynn said...

Lovely photos. Did they have water fights? We do, the bath tap is left trickling for us to drink and we often get in and flick water at each other.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

It's alway good for a kitten to have a kitten friend...Did they get their teeth brushed? Mom brushes ours. Sadie likes it and will move her teeth over the brush, Speedy tolerates it and will just sit there waiting for mom to be done...Zippy, oh man, she has destroyed three tooth brushes and tries to bite mom when she does it.

Daisy said...

I get my teeths brushed. I do not enjoy it. Even though we use seafood-flavored toothpaste.

heidi said...

wow Thunder Paws was looking like he was as big as Clyde already. . .or vice versa. . .

Margaret Cloud said...

Most cats will run when they hear running water by them. The pictures are very nice, Thunder Paws has gotten big, I am glad they are buddies. Thanks for coming by.

Mr Woo said...

Hello Mr Kracker,
I've just read your blog for the first time & I adore it - beautifully taken photographs of a beautiful family and of course, beautiful cats. Thank you.
From Mr Woo the tuxedo cat (and, as her black & white paws just don't fit on these pesky keyboards, Alice).

Team Tabby said...

We bet you have lots more stories to tell us about these two cats! Looking forward to it.

Mindy, Moe, Bono

KC said...

Oh-oh, I's betting tha cats be getting ready to haf hoohah-ectomies.
Grrreat pickshures, too.
Love and Purrs,

Sweet Praline said...

Those are great photos! Thanks for coming by to visit today. Please feel free to come by anytime!

Grahamn Kracker said...

GG: Thunder Paws figured out the process right away. He tried mightily to brush his teeth, but he had no opposing digit, and could not grip the toothbrush. We gave Clyde his own toothbrush, but he chewed it up.

Parker - And I love your photo, too. You are quite handsome.

E&F - No, they did not do that, although sometimes they fought over the water.

Zss: Your Mom is a noble and good woman.

Daisy - I will have to try some of that seafood flavored toothpaste myself. If there is salmon flavor in there, I sure hope it is Alaska salmon.

heidi - They always seemed to be pretty close together in size.

Margaret - These two cats loved water - especially Clyde. I would be taking a shower with my eyes closed and I would open them and there he would be, in the shower with me.

I'm glad to see you here, Tuxedo woo. If Alice did put her black and white paws on the keyboad, somebody would try to play them.

TT - The Kracker cats will try hard not to disappoint their good friends, the team of tabbies.

KC - Dreadful to think about... stayed tuned...

Sweet Praline - And thank you for coming to visit. I will visit you (and all those here) again and again.