Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A great battle begins over Thunder Paws

Remember how Toast Ed disparaged Thunder Paws as not being "half the cat" that Kaboodle was? If Toast Ed feels this way, then why is he cuddled up with Thunder Paws like this? Does it look like maybe the two are bonding?

I'll tell you what - they bonded! How they bonded!

This will become clear in future posts.

Now, if only the bonded pair could have a little more peaceful time to enjoy their bonding.

Nabysko spots them. "Thunder Paws is my cat!" she exclaims.

"No," Toast Ed retorts, "Thunder Paws is my cat!"

Nabysko moves in, determined to reclaim the kitten that she caused me to bring home from Sutton.

A great battle ensues.

Toast Ed is bigger and stronger, but Nabysko is filled with fire. She refuses to retreat. 

Nabysko wins. Kaboodle wonders about the commotion.

But don't think that this ended it. The battle would rage for most of the next decade - even after Toast Ed went off to Arizona to attend college. "Where's my cat, Thunder Paws?" Toast Ed would ask as soon as he would step back into the house for summer or Christmas break.

"He's my cat!" Nabysko would greet back.

"No, he's my cat!"

Even during long distance phone conversations they did this.


michico*Adan said...

So so so sweet moment.....
You even catch perfect expression of cat's.
I am staying in that page for a while.....just perfect~!!!!

Parker said...

That's a lovely tail, er, ah, tale!

Eric and Flynn said...

And Thunder Paws just lay there and let them battle over him. Sensible kitty.

Cafe Cats said...

Thunder Paws never moved!

Daisy said...

And the winner of the battle is... Thunder Paws!

heidi said...

Thunder Paws is worth fighting over! He's so cute! But I have to say I love the last picture with Kaboodle and his puzzled look.

Standtall said...

So much love foe Thunder Paws

"Nabysko wins. Kaboodle wonders about the commotion"
Typical of my children!

Grahamn Kracker said...

michico - glad you lingered.

Parker - It is the tale of a tail.

Eric and Flynn - Thunder was a most intelligent and highly sensible cat - except for those moments when he became irrational.

Cafe Cats - Thunder was very brave.

heidi - Thank you. I like it to.

Standtall - Then your children must be lots of fun - and maybe a bit exasperating, sometimes.

Standtall said...

Yes indeed. I have got dates fixed for their neuterin in December. Molly moves around the compound so much but still runs from us