Thursday, January 8, 2009

Excuse extended

Well, it's just about 2:00 AM and I am finally getting to this. But I discover that I want to get to bed. I have to clean the litter before I do.

I will post the Clyde pix before the day ends, though. I promise. But first I will see if I can get some sleep, then I will get up and eat some eggs. Sometime after that, I will post the pictures, early instead of late, so I don't get in this jam again and I will tell you about how I inadvertently took Clyde to a prison. He felt mighty trapped, too - didn't like the experience at all.

I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast, but Thursday I have what I want, rather than what is good for me. Eggs is what I want. With bacon.

Chicago comes to me when I do and puts her paws on my lap. I then place a small bowl with a little bit of milk on it on the leg that her paws are not on and she laps it up.

I do this even when I eat eggs and bacon.

If I eat cantaloupe, I must share that with her. Chicago craves cantaloupe.

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Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

I thought only Sadie ate cantaloupe...and honeydew and watermelon. They say that cats don't taste sweet, that is, their taste buds don't register it. All my cats enjoy cake!