Monday, January 12, 2009

Identical cat incident takes place in parallel universe

I took a picture of Royce and Wry today that I thought I might drop in here, but I was web surfing and I came across that site from the parallel universe - you know, the one done by a fellow named Bill Hess whose family members look exactly like mine, and whose cats even have the same names as the cats who live here.

He had blogged about his cat Royce and his grandson Kalib and the picture that he had taken in his universe was identical to one I had taken of Kracker Cat Royce and my grandson Wry. What he wrote was exactly what I was going to write.

"Why bother?" I thought. "I will just post the link and anyone with enough ambition can hop over to that site from the parallel universe and read about what happened to me here there."

So here it is:


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Living in a parallel universe has benefits...occasionally.

Cafe Cats said...

Your grandson learned walrus noises?

Eric and Flynn said...

We wonder if we have our doubles living in a parallel universe too. We think not. Royce who has double lives is very good and patient. We would not be, we would run and hide.