Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jimmy helps me edit pictures

I hate to remove the picture of Wry pointing to the clouds as he rests his head upon Royce from the big picture spot, but this blog needs to move on.

As usual, I spent most of today sitting right here in front of my computer, editing the the pictures that I took on my recent Arctic Slope trip for the special issue of Uiñiq Magazine that I am putting together. I am way behind, due to Margie's injury, but I will get it done.

Jimmy spent the day with me, helping out, offering pointers. Here, he looks right into my eye, because the picture that you see on the screen, of Iñupiat Eskimo caribou hunters swarmed by mosquitoes, is reflected there. Using this method, Jimmy studies the picture so that he can tell me how it should be cropped.

This is how Jimmy thinks that I should crop the picture. I disagree. Jimmy is a lousy picture editor.


Freya's Staff said...

I dunno... he's not so bad.. but I bet he can't hold a mouse, so he can't really argue with you.

Ikaika said...

Pffffttt! Artistic differences! But it's good to have somecat to provide perspective.

'Kaika's mom

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

He may be a lousy photo editor but maybe all he needs in a night class or two so he will become a better helper.

StandTall-The Activist said...

lol. This is funny. Jimmy ride on. You must hlep GK. BTW you missed my Cats on Tuesday but I will love you to stop by though because I need hep with Scofield. Thanks

Katie and Da Katz said...

Jimmy tried at leest! Its nise to see u gots a furry good helper!

Katie Too

Anonymous said...
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