Sunday, August 23, 2009

Juniper comes for a visit, gets together with Wry

I looked out my front window and was surprised to see that there was a tiny cow out in the yard, grazing on the grass. A really tiny cow. The tiniest cow that I had ever seen. I went out to investigate.

Why, it was not a cow at all! It was Juniper! That must mean that Nabysko was nearby.

Little Wry spotter Juniper, too, and skedadeled over. He was surprised. Wry does not see Juniper often.

"H'mmm," Wry contemplated. He seemed to wonder if she was safe to pet.

Nabysko appeared and gave Juniper a pet. This gave Wry confidence. He reached out to do the same.

Wry gives Juniper a pet.

Juniper escapes to the Escape.

Juniper poses by Nabysko's Cavalier.

From inside the front room, Martigne looks out the window. She is jealous. She wants to be out there, too.

Soon, the action moves to the back yard.

Juniper spots a bumble bee.

Juniper does some more grazing.

Toast Ed made this pile after the snow melted. We are waiting until the snow falls again and then we will burn it. Juniper decides to climb it.

Wry discovers that Juniper has climbed up the rubbish pile.

His dad gives Wry a boost so that he can better see. Juniper decides to leave.

Down Juniper goes.

But soon, she climbs right back up. That's because she can see the entire world from up there. Juniper believes that the entire world belongs to her.

And so it does.


Freya's Staff said...

When I saw the first picture of Juniper and Wry, I was looking at Juniper, and thought Wry was an adult, and thought THAT'S A BIG CAT!!!

momsbusy said...

wry has such a gentle way w/ the cats. i have enjoyed watching wry as he grows. he is a beautiful child. no wonder royce loves him so.

Ikaika said...

Sweet little Wry!! He will grow up to be a great cat guy! Juniper is very beautiful.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Of course the world belongs to Juniper..she's a cat silly human.

Milo and Alfie said...

We hope the wood ile is checked for animals before it is set alight. otherwise there could be an awful accident ....

Katie and Da Katz said...

Juniper is a beautiful cat!

Wry is such a sweet boy. He is learning his gentleness from the bestest folks and cats around!

Ifns u hafs time,

plez stop by and read about what happened to Tiger Lily.

Poor sweet kitty's life was snuffed out by a cruel joke.

Hur needs justice done.

Katie Too