Monday, August 18, 2008

Bear with me, folks...

I have completed Part 3 in draft, but it is exceptionally long and it is now terribly late and as I have not had much sleep this past week and tend always to put things down in rather rough form to begin with, I think that I had better just round up Pistol-Yero and Jim and go to bed now. 

Sometime after I arise, and then after I complete a bunch of other tasks, I will review what I have done and will attempt to smooth Part 3 out a bit and make it fit to post.

So please, don't get impatient. Remember, I am an injured man, going through a slow, painful, tedious, recovery. Please come back and read Part 3.


michico*Adan said...

Your last paragraph makes me laugh~!
Well, take care of yourself~!
Do the part 3 while you are better and sleep enough~!!!

I will come back here with my chair and popcorn (and tissue, too)while you are ready~!!! Go get more sleep!

Charlie Earnshaw said...

Bill, I like to hear the story of Diane and her son Latseen. These stories are very important for all cat people to look up to and admit that being a cat person does not limit who you are!!!!

Keep up the good work Bill and as always I hope you are feeling better every day!