Monday, August 4, 2008

THE INTRUDER: who will dare to take me on?!!! (Intermission)*

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So the Kracker Cats were all lounging about the living room, enjoying their blessed felinity, when suddenly an intruder appeared in the backyard. The intruder was scruffy and rugged looking. Judging from the thick and tattered nature of its coat, the intruder had fought many battles and likely had won most.

It emerged from the forest. This, and its rough appearance, caused us to think that perhaps it was a feral cat, a true tough guy, a wild-boy survivor who had survived many Alaska winters, a cat that dined on moose and porcupine and the occasional grizzly bear - a cat who had even whupped a wolverine.

The tough guy pranced defiant and cocky into a prominent position just beyond the backdoor windows, where no Kracker Cat could miss it. Its stare was cold and hard and its glare carried this challenge:

"All right, you wee, wittle, kittees! Is there a Tom among you tough enough to take me on?"

"Me! I'm the one!" Jim growled back. "With my flashing, slashing claws and my piercing canines, I'll rip off your coat and tear it into such tiny shreds there won't be a patch left that's big enough to make a one-fingered mitten to fit on little Rye's pinky. And then I'll start to fight!  ...If I can just get Mr. Kracker here to open this door..."

"No! I'm the one!" every other Kracker cat growled in unison. "Grahamn! Open the door!"

But of course I would not open the door. While this caused all of the Kracker Cats to grumble and complain about my cowardice, deep down they were all relieved.

In their hearts, not a one of them truly wanted to fight this cat.

Kaboodle would have wanted to, but I fear his battles are all waged on the other side now.

*Tomorrow, when I find the time, I will begin to prepare what I believe will be a four part story about a very special cat by the name of Romeo. Just before the invasion of Iraq by the US, a vet examined a very sick Romeo and pronounced his death to both certain and soon: three to four days hence, max!

Romeo's poor human! She considered this cat of 13 years to be her best friend and now he was going to die, even as her soldier son was given the order to advance on Baghdad. What a story did then unfold!


michico*Adan said...

It's very cute that street cat of your living area.(that intruder)
In my city,
street cats always American-shorts hair, just like my cats are. Almost don't have any chance to see long fur cats~! So I think it's very unusual to me~

Standtall said...

Tough guy looks very handsome though.

I remember when a street female cat would come and attract Scofield to mate with her. He would want to go out and meet her while Molly would be protesting and chasing the street cat away and Garfield would just sit there unconcerned.

It's tough to survive out there especially for street cats in Nigeria

Standtall said...

Did u visit the link I sent to you?

Grahamn Kracker said...

Michico -

I have seen some short hair ferals here, but, due to the climate, the long hairs have the advantage. I marvl that any of them get through the winter.

Adan - I sure do hope you are protecting you manhood!

Standtall -

From what I have read on your blog, I believe you. Very tough for those cats.

A few years ago, on one of my walks, I came upon a very pretty feral cat - hardly more than a kitten -- with blue eyes that I managed to get a picture of before it fled into the trees.

The following spring, as the snow began to melt, it exposed a frozen puddle alongside the road and the poor cat was encased in the ice of the puddle. A car must have hit it.

When the ice rotted enough for me to remove the cat, I took it back into the marsh and found a spot for it far from the traffic of human eyes. The ground was still too frozen to even think about digging in, but I laid it down on that spot and left it to the ravens.

A raven burial is, after all, a very natural thing, but lying by the side of the road day in and day out is not.

I did visit the link. I laughed pretty hard, but I also felt sorry for those enormous cats.

And here we all thought Royce is big!

Standtall said...

Poor cat!!! I would have cried. You did the right thing.

Those cats are really overwieight!!!