Thursday, August 7, 2008

INTERMISSION II: The escapists, and other cat images from today

In the afternoon, I took my slowly healing shoulder outside to feel the heat of the sun, which this summer has been rare in these parts. As I sat in a lawn chair, I noticed that Martigny wanted outside. But Martigny is an indoor cat only. Once in awhile, she does escape. Then she gets frightened and either dashes straight back into the house, or she hides under the porch.

It can be very difficult to ever get her out from under the porch. So I ignored her plea and left her inside.

 A bit later, Sunflower announced that she was going to the store and said I could come along for the ride, if I wanted. According to the doc, it could still be three to four months before I can drive again.

I get fed up with all this immobility. Any chance I get to go, I go, even if there is no point in it. As I was going out the front door, Jimmy suddenly bolted from across the front room and shot out the door before I could stop him.

I chased him around the house to the back, where he headed to the porch. Martigny waited. When I opened the door to usher Jimmy back in, Martigny suddenly dashed to freedom.

 Sunflower managed to catch Martigny before she disappeared under the porch.

Next, I went back to the front door. I stayed by it until I saw Sunflower coming, carrying baby Rye toward me in his car seat. I could see Jimmy, sitting by the back door, looking at me from all the way across the house, so I opened the front door for Sunflower and Rye.

My goodness! I never before saw that black cat bolt so fast! Before Sunflower and Rye could even cross the threshold, Jimmy shot through the living room, the front room, out the door and disappeared.

Knowing that he is terrified of the front yard and is only comfortable in the back, I circled the house and found him sitting here. I opened the back door for him and he happily stepped onto the porch and trotted inside. As he did, Martigny suddenly appeared and scurried out the door into the back yard...

Later, at a more sane moment, I found baby Rye and little Pistol-Yero napping together, sort of.

 Toast Ed and I took Muzzy on a walk at 9:00 PM. He is never supposed to go into the pond and he knows it, but he did, anyway. I thought the ducks would fly away, but they appeared happy to see him.

I am having great fun with this point and shoot camera and I am so grateful to my children for giving it to me, but I do wish that I had had two hands and my big, pro-Canon for this image.

But I could not have carried that camera. Were it not for this point and shoot, I would have no image at all of Muzzy with ducks.

Martigny. What a good cat she is!

Please note: The Cat Met Along the Way story that I promised is still coming.


Standtall said...

Little Pisto-Yero looks very adorable in that very brown fur. I blow kisses at Yero. Martigny is big and beautiful.

I am really so touched by yoru kindness. You are really appreciated. I am yet to get your email though.

Do you want me to put up the pay pal donation on my blog? I will e-mail you more on what I need to do

You are a saint Grahamn. I am rushing home now to tell my feline babes about your kindness

Standtall said...

I can see the empty white box you spoke of. I wonder how that can be fixed

Standtall said...

I have seen the white box you spoke of. I wonder how that can be fixed

Black Cat said...

Hello, your post really made me laugh with one cat escaping as the other comes back in - that is typical catitude, haha!

I found your blog while looking for Standstill's because she has signed my guestbook and I wanted to thank her. I couldn't find her through Google but now I have found her, through you! So now I'm off to visit but first I'd like to say I like your blog and how you came to be a cat-lover:)

Black Cat said...

Oh! I think I said "Standstill"! If I did, I meant Standtall! Sorry!

Standtall said...

@Black cat: "catitude" how I love the choice of word. You are not the first person that wrote "Standtill" instead of "Standtall". Error is allowed

michico*Adan said...

Very Very cute,
I am smiling all the way while I reading this one~!!

I think Maybe sometimes Martigny just wanna catching everybody's attention. And wanna breath some air, hee hee~~~

Grahamn Kracker said...

First, sorry for the delay in getting to your comments. Sunflower drove me into the big city (Anchorage) yesterday so that could take in a movie, eat out, etc.

While I am gaining strength and endurance, I still wear out much quicker than I did before my accident. By the time we returned home, I was done, wiped out; I could do nothing.

So I went to bed and had a terrible night.

So, only now do I get to your comments:

Standtall: I emailed a copy of the button to you. Let me know if you receive it.

Black Cat: I was thrilled just to see your name in my comment box! Two of my very best friends on this earth - the current Jim and Little Guy, who preceded him have been black cats.

Both came filled with "catitude" but also with love and friendship. Concerning Little Guy, I am trying to write a book that I call "Lament for a Black Cat."

Whether I succeed or not, I will tell his story in "No Cats Allowed" - but not until after I make the transformation.

I visited your site and was greatly amused. I also found the photos of you and your friend when you were 22.

I wish I could have met you when you were 22 and that I could have photographed you myself.


These cats are always good for a smile - just like adan and lego.

And our air here is so wonderful to breathe - except when there is a bad forest fire, or a nearby volcano blows, or a hellacious wind whips down the glaciers and kicks up the glacial dust...