Monday, August 11, 2008

Preview: Romeo and Diane: A Love Story

If you wonder about the urgency of this hug, Romeo's vet had just diagnosed him with acute renal failure and had given him a maximum of four days to live. Romeo and Diane had been together for 13 years and she recognized him as her best friend. Furthermore, when I took this picture, President Bush was beating the war drum and it had become obvious that the US would soon invade Iraq. Diane knew that Latseen, her soldier son and only child, would be part of the invasion force.

Hard times awaited her. She needed this cat to help her get through them.

It had been my intention to tell part 1 of this story tonight, but the past couple of days have been exhausting; it is bedtime, and all I want to do is to lay my broken and weary body down and see if I can somehow get the sleep tonight that has eluded me for many nights running.

So I lack the energy to tell the story tonight. But I can't leave this blank another night; I must make some kind of post, and I do not want to put in another "Intermission." I want to feature Romeo and Diane in this post.

So I give you this preview. Tomorrow night, I will begin the story - a story so sad, so tragic, yet so courageous, so bold; a story of bitter trial and genuine triumph.

By comparison, my current trials are as nothing. You give me courage, dear friend Diane, and I thank you for it. I miss you, Romeo, as do all who knew you.

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michico*Adan said...

I am pulling a chair here and peparing my coffee, ready for your story~!
I have a feeling it will be very touching, I better carry my tissue as well!