Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another intermission: Yesterday, I met Callie, the calico; Kracker Cat history will return soon

After joining Sunflower for a breakfast-lunch yesterday, I was driving home when I saw a calico cat sitting in a yard alongside a woman who raked her autumn leaves. Not-withstanding the fact that I if I stopped it would interrupt my history of the Kracker Cats, what choice did I have?

I had to stop!

Dressed in a house robe, the lady looked at me curiously as I parked the car, got out, and walked toward her. The kitten looked at me, too. I wondered if it would be a scaredy cat, or a bold cat.

"Is your cat friendly?" I asked.

In answer it came bounding right up to me. It is hard to photograph a cat when it comes right up to you and wants to stay right there.

All you get is a blurry eye.

"Yes," the woman said. "She's friendly."

I learned that the calico's name is "Callie." I wonder where that name came from?

Wherever it came from, it's a good name. Callie. Yes, I like that name!

The woman got the cat from her daughter's mother-in-law. Her daughter's mother-in-law got the mother of Callie from the woman's own daughter who gave it to her as a special gift - kind of a family circle thing.

I asked the woman to tell me a special story about Callie, but maybe she felt odd, standing there in her house robe, going through a surprise interview about her calico on a fall day in Wasilla, Alaska, home of Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, because on this account her mind went blank.

"I can't think of any stories," she answered. "She's very friendly, and playful. She has a lot of energy."

Do you doubt it? Then take note of the leaf in front of her.

Callie sent that leaf flying!

Callie comes from a line of cats who are born with broken tails, as were some of her siblings. If I understood this correctly, Callie herself has birthed a litter and kittens in it came out with broken tails. If I understand wrong, and it was not Callie who birthed this litter, then it was one of her close relatives.

Broken tails or not, you can betcha that these gosh-darn Wasilla cats sure do come out pretty. There's a wink for ya!


michico*Adan said...

Oah Callie is very very beautiful~!!!
I am holding my breath and looking at her photos~! What a lovely stunning girl~!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

She's beyootiful. Zippy sez she's extra speshul because she is a calico like her. Right. Go back to sleep Zippy or you'll miss your 18 hours.

Mickey said...

Enjoying your stories!!!!!!!!!!!
Callie really is a pretty cat :)
Worth stopping for too ;)
Purrs Mickey

kalamahina said...

Our cats have unique tails too - some say it is due to the small gene pool here. Our -mesey has a crook tail, and our blackey has half a tail...

Grahamn Kracker said...

michico#adan - Yes, she is about as beautiful as they come. I hated to take the big picture of her down just now, but I had to drop in a new story so I did.

zss: Zippy, you should come visit us - then we would have three calicos in this house. I would take you all to visit Callie. What a riot that would be.

Mickey - Thank you! I would sure stop for the black cat in your picture, too. Is that you? I will have to investigate after I post this message.

kalamahina: What could be more grand than if, in the middle of the coldest, darkest, day of the Alaska winter, I could zip off to Hawaii and photograph those two strange tails, and the cats that go with them.

Standtall said...

Callie is lovely. I so much adore her colour

Anonymous said...

such a pretty kitty cat.

Anonymous said...

such a pretty kitty cat.

thetitleisamystery said...

my cat looks like callie only that her name is flefle and she's really playfull and well she is kinda aggressive

thetitleisamystery said...

my cat looks like callie only that her name is flefle and she's really playfull and well she is kinda aggressive

Stryker said...

Lovely creature. Well worth the stop to photograph and interview her (family).