Saturday, October 11, 2008

I return from Fairbanks to find Pistol-Yero with Triscuit crackers

Very lazy entry tonight. No story. Technically crummy photo. See, I just got back from a quick trip to Fairbanks. Left yesterday, drove through nerve-wracking snow-storm. Attended birthday party for a matriarch of the Gwich'in Nation, who had just turned 100.

Got almost no sleep. Visited a bit in Fairbanks. Saw no cat. Drove back home; weather good this time. Sat on couch. Saw Pistol and Triscuit crackers. Tryskuit Kracker is in New York City, where she found a well-cared for street cat and told me how I could find it when I go to NYC the week after next.

There was almost no light to take picture of Pistol and Triscuit, especially with this pocket camera. Took picture anyway. Here it is. Tomorrow, I will resume my story telling.


Standtall said...

You drove by yourself? I am happy your shoulder has really improved.
I read the other stories too and I was like dont we all find it hard coping with our cats behaviour?

We just relocated to a new place and my cats are behaving so strangely now. They only come out of hiding when am the only one around. Will try and blog abt this come tuesday

Grahamn Kracker said...

I did drive by myself.

Here are pictures from the drive:

No matter how much one learns about cats, there is always more to learn. Mostly, what I had to learn was to let cats decide for themselves.

Hopefully, your cats will soon adjust. It seems to work that way.