Monday, February 16, 2009

Jumper of Barrow, revisited, sitting in the lap of a lady who I once photographed outdoors as she wore a bikini in -36 degree weather

Unless a feline appears in front of me within just a few hours of when I arise tomorrow morning, this trip to Barrow will end without me meeting a new cat. Tonight, however, I did have dinner with my kitty pals, Jumper and Watson, who have been on this blog before.

Casey also came over for dinner. Quite some time ago, Casey had a little tanning salon that she operated in Barrow, in part so that all those Barrow people who liked to slip away to Hawaii for a mid-winter break could arrive there with the appearance of people accustomed to sunshine.

A national publication did a story on her and they wanted a picture, so I took it, just outside her salon on a -36 degree day during which the sun never did rise.

Here she is, with Jumper. I took a couple of pictures of Watson, too, but I only had my pocket camera with me and the light was not good. 

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Eric and Flynn said...

A bikini? -36?
We need to get back to the woodburner, that made us shiver!