Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ludicrous error - must be corrected

Less than two hours before my Alaska Airlines flight was scheduled to depart Barrow for Anchorage, I got a call inviting me back to the home of Jumper and Watson for dinner. I headed over and found Casey there as well. She stood on the floor, looking at Jumper, who looked back at her.

I had been greatly worried, as I feared that I had misspelled Casey's name in my last post; that her name was not Casey but rather the letters "K" and "C". So I asked her. Sure enough, she answered, the proper spelling was KC, or perhaps K.C. 

Then she told me that she did not want to be called KC at all, but preferred to go by another name, "Regina."

Okay, I agreed, I would refer to her in this blog not as KC but as Regina.

"Regina ludus," she added. "Ludus with a small 'L".

"Ludus?" another male guest who happens to celebrate his wedding anniversary on the same day as Sunflower and I, February 14, a day that this year found us both apart from our spouses, piped in. "That's ludicrous."

Regina ludus agreed. "ludus is the root for ludicrous," she explained. "That's why I love the name so much."

Regina ludus caresses Jumper. I will not refer to her here as Casey, KC, K.C., or even Stacey. She is Regina ludus, the root of ludicrous, and Regina ludus is how I refer to her.

Jumper is Jumper. Jumper does not care how I spell his name here, and if I were to call him "Leaper" instead of "Jumper," it would not trouble him at all.

I could even write his name down as "Alphonso" and he would not object.

I suspect that Karla, the lady whom he owns, would, however.

She would probably think me ludicrous.

Watson came to my chair for a visit. And right now, as I type these words, there is a different black cat sprawled across my forearms. Jimmy. Jim Slim Many Toes, for I am back in Wasilla now.

Next up, even before this day ends: The newest Kracker cat - Nabysko and the tabby, Deborah by default.

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StandTall-The Activist said...

Okay we are corrected. I love the picture of where they kinda hold on to each other