Saturday, February 21, 2009

We were all very lazy today

I was very lazy today. Did a lot of nothing. Sat around for awhile, pocket camera nearby. Jim sat down by me, after he spent the night sleeping atop me. He does both quite often. But wait... who is that blurry orange fellow on the floor?

It looks kind of like...

...Royce... Royce is who it looks like. But can I be certain? I had better zoom in a little closer...

YES! YES! IT IS ROYCE! I was right, all along.

And there, sitting on the floor, just feet from Royce... why, it's Pistol-Yero! My leetel peestol-yero!

Jimmy has moved to the coffee table and there is a classic movie on TV. Do you recognize the movie? Can you guess?

How about now?

This ought to erase all doubt. It's Gone With the Wind, of course. I was too lazy to watch but a few minutes of it. Then I had to go buy a burrito from Taco Bell. Tryskuit will be very upset with me when she reads this, but it was a very healthy burrito.

Once Pistol saw that Jim had left the arm of the couch, he came and sat down beside me.

Pistol Yero - my little Pistol-Yero!

Royce and Chicago.

Jim proves to be quite mobile; soon he will be off his rocker. But where's Martigny? I assure you, she is not far away, even though I failed to get a picture of her today. Muzzy is hiding out in the bedroom of Toast Ed, Prickly Pear Blossom and toddler Wry.

The other four Kracker cats are all in Anchorage, where they live. Maybe one or more will come and visit tomorrow. We will see. I hope one or more does, whatever chaos might result. I always like to see the Anchorage Kracker cats.


Zoolatry said...

Another great story, more great photographs...

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We find that Sunday is a good day to do...nothing.

Parker said...

Off his rocker, HaHaHaHaHa!