Friday, June 5, 2009

Soundarya meets the kittens

I apologize for the long delay between this and my last post. 

See the young woman holding the calico kitten? This is Soundarya Ravichandran, who long-time readers first met back in July of last year. Sandy is the whole reason that I came with Tryskuit to India this trip. I came to photograph her wedding. You know that fellow, Bill Hess, who lives in the parallel universe to mine?

He has been so busy trying to blog her wedding that I, Grahamn Kracker, have had no time to devote to this blog.

But I am blogging now. Sandy just retrieved the kitten from a little alcove above her.

Sandy hands the kitten to Tryskuit, but kisses it before she lets it go.

Tryskuit takes the kitten.

Tryskuit snuggles the kitten.

Sandy turns back to the alcove to get the orange and white kitten. The mother is worried.

Sandy with the orange and white kitten.

Sandy with both kittens.

Sandy is ecstactic! Once the business surrounding her upcoming wedding slows down, she decides that she will adopt the calico.

The mother cat is still worried.

Sandy reaches up to the mother cat.

She snuggles the entire family.

Sandy poses with the calico, who she wants to adopt.

For now, the kittens and their mother must go back to the alcove. Sandy kisses the calico good-bye.

Sandy with mom and calico.

Tryskuit hands the orange and white cat to Sandy so that she can place it back in the alcove.

Sandy takes the orange and white.

She places it back in the alcove.

The next day, I peek into the alcove and this is what I see. I am struck by the love of the mother and the preciousness of life - and by the danger, by the indifference of nature towards the well-being of any individual life; by the desire of the mother to protect her babies in the face of such a world, by the desire of the babies to live, to grow and gain experience.

This story will continue.


StandTall-The Activist said...

I am so touched by the love Sandy and T displayed towards the cats. It's pure and genuine. I am so touched.

shaqti said...

why did this cruel world not have a comfort cradle for the lovely soundarya who was truly constructed with the dna of love......I am so sad...she who could find tremendous beauty and love in even a blade of grass got trampled under the invisible feet of cold hearted people......

Bill of Wasilla said...

Yes, shaqti. She was all that you say. Her loss will never leave me - nor will the sweetness of her spirt, which travels with me every moment.

I intend to make certain that this world will know who she was and that her sweetness and compassion will never be forgotten.

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