Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tryskuit and I suffer a big scare, then find the family has moved inches upward

We spent three days on the drive that took us past the roadside stop where we met the pregnant momma cat of the previous post and got the quick glimpse of the black kitten. We arrived back at the home of our Bangalore hosts about 4:00 AM.

After we got a few hours sleep, I arose, ate one of Vasanthi's exquisite breakfasts, then went out the back door, climbed up and took a peek into the alcove to see how the momma and her two kittens were doing.

They were gone! No sign of them.

Both Truskuit and I were very worried. 

We searched, and we asked. We learned that they had been seen through a high kitchen window - the very window that you see here.

But even there, we could not see them.

Then, as I was sitting working on my laptop, I suddenly heard a call from Tryskuit. "Dad!" she said. "I found the kittens!"

I followed her to an overlook at the back of the house. The picture above is exactly what I saw.

I was so relieved.

The mother cat soon showed up.

Mom and her two kittens.

The calico snuggles up to the mom.

The orange sees something beneath the ventilator. What could it be?

We will never know, but, presumably, the orange found out.

The orange goes for the mom's tail.

The calico goes for the orange's tail.

The calico and the orange snuggle.

The scene, looking beyond. As you can see, the homes are all very close together.

The orange looks for a meal while the calico plays with Mom's tail.

Tryskuit and I, observing the beautiful little calico. As you can see, their new home is just below the small segment of tin roof. This is only inches above the alcove where they had been living.

This story will continue.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

So they moved up in the world...if only by inches.

michico*Adan said...

Kittens are really innocent,
they could live everywhere and make it just like paradise :)