Friday, June 19, 2009

We stop by to see a talking parrot and find Persians for sale

In the evening of the day that we learned the horrible news about the little calico, Sandy took Tryskuit and I into downtown Bangalore to buy some gifts before we left for home. This would be our last night in India this trip.

She knew of a pet supply store where there was a talking parrot and she wanted to go see that parrot. "Are there any cats there?" I asked.

She did not think that there were, but, when we walked through the door, we saw a cage full of Persians. Their price - about $350 US each. That's a huge sum for the average person in Bangalore, although as the high-tech capital of India, the place has boomed and many people have become prosperous and a substantial number downright rich.

It is my hope that these cats soon find humans who will open not only their pocket books to them, but their hearts.

Tryskuit opened her heart and made a connection.

More Persians waiting for prosperous people to adopt them.

This orange boy is not for sale. His people have gone on vacation and the pet store is providing hotel services until they get back. He is not happy with the accommodations.

Sandy reaches through and gives him a pet.

Very shortly, we would go into another store and meet yet one more cat. I will introduce him in my next post, and then that will be all for this trip to India.


Freya's Staff said...

I shudder to think about the cat welfare in those cages.. but still, a wonderful and interesting story!

catsynth said...

We hope those cats do find homes soon. My own experiences in India suggest most people there aren't really interested in cats :(

StandTall-The Activist said...

They are beautiful but really I can’t be happy in this kind of cage myself.

Anonymous said...

The gray Persian looks EXACTLY like my kitty. I just got her two days ago. I found her in the bushes outside a mall. she escaped the pet carrier as the man was bringing the pat carrier full of Persians into the pet shop.
They didn't care to look for the kitten. Now the kitten is mine. Kitty mills, pet shops are HORRIBLE. They should not exist. And the fact that It's okay just sickens me. Ugh!
I'm so happy I found this kitty.
I'm not 100% sure it's a Persian though. You tell me???
In this picture I had JUST found her...
Gahhh. Fir some reason I can't paste the link.
I tell you how you can find the picture.
Into type "Vielle smug mug" and then click on the very first like the appears. Then, click folder # 1 aka Main folder. And got to the third page.
Please please tell me if she's a gray Persian. Thank you thank you! Greatly appreciated!!! :)