Friday, June 27, 2008

Doc says best medicine is to walk: Diamond walks, too

The Doc tells me that the best thing that I can do right now, besides to keep my injured shoulder and arm as immobile and protected as possible, is to walk. I need a cat to walk with me. Tryskuit has come out from Anchorage and has brought Diamond - a good leash cat.

Diamond is playing a game of "Cow." The object is to eat grass and then a bit later to chew cud. We must let Diamond finish this game of "Cow" before she will walk with us.

She does a good job on the "eat grass" part, but I can guarantee you, when it comes time to "chew cud," she will just throw up on the floor. Hopefully, Tryskuit will have her back home by then.

The game ends. We go walking. Tryskuit stays close to me to help carry my camera when necessary, and to serve as my living tripod. Tryskuit's boyfriend, Charlie, mans the leash. Don't forget - you can see larger copies of these images by clicking on the photo. 

Sometimes, when one walks a cat, the cat will just stop. There is nothing for the walker to do but to stop, too.

Sometimes, the cat will run. There is nothing for the walker to do but to run, too.

A dog appears on the scene. Tryskuit chases it away. Without my living tripod, I cannot hold the camera steady in my left hand.

It is Rye's birthday. We had all planned to eat cake and ice cream with him, but we did not realize it was as late as it was. I thought it was about 8:30 pm, but it was 9:50 PM. Rye had to leave right now or be late for his 10:00 PM shift. "It's okay," he said. "I ate too much meatloaf. I am too full for ice cream."

So Tryskuit delivered Diamond's present to him  - the latest book by David Sedaris - and Rye drove off for work. We then went inside and ate cake and ice cream without him.

As for me, I have put the posting of my Barrow cats and injury infliction on hold until Sunday evening, or Monday.

A little bit at a time.


Charlie Earnshaw said...

Hey Bill, Diamond looks like a wild cat in the grass photos! So cute! That was a fun adventurous walk in the neighborhood. I hope you are feeling well and I will tell Tryskuit to keep you updated on the permafrost in Fairbanks.

Later, Charlie

Varsha said...

I loved Diamond's pictures. He looks very fierce!

Grahamn Kracker said...

Yes, Varsha, Diamond is a very fierce and, as Charlie, who should know, states, wild cat.