Friday, June 13, 2008

Message from Tryskuit: Mr. Kracker in the hospital, will return in a few days

Tryskuit reporting for Grahamn,

Just a warning, no weeping needed, but my dad decided to climb up on a chair with wheels, which, as he can tell you, is not a good idea.  I'm sitting with him here at the hospital as he rests after a flight on a jet down to Anchorage from Barrow for a couple nights stay in the hospital.  He'll be fine and is in good spirits.  Stay tuned though, in a couple days he'll be back to blogging and there is already something in the pipeline for father's day.  He did find two cats in Barrow to photograph and I imagine they will show up on here shortly.  



heidi said...

Get well soon!

Standtall said...

Hi Graham, you happen to be the man of the moment on this site
Pls check it out.

Get well pretty soon

Varsha said...

Please get well soon!
I read Standtall's article on you...So true! :)

Taddie Tales said...

God Speed, Mr. Kraker!

I LOVE your stories and I hope that you will be back as soon as possible.

Blessings to you.