Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Wry Reaches Out to a Cat for the First Time

It was only today* that little Wry mastered the skill of reaching out to touch and grab. Right here, right now, oh privileged reader, in this image, you are witnessing the first time ever that little Wry Kracker, held securely by his Uncle, Rye Kracker, reached out to touch a cat.

The very first time!

And what cat was it? Royce! The orange boy who is always searching for love.

*I actually made this post and wrote these words on Sunday, June 8, the day before I left on my latest round of travel. So, today, June 11, I am somewhere on the great Arctic Slope of Alaska, most likely Barrow, but not necessarily. I am keeping my eyes peeled, looking for a new cat to meet, so that I might post if for the enjoyment of my millions of faithful readers - you who would follow me right into the firey flames of Hell, if need be.

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Toast Ed said...

Wry grabbed Muzzy last monday I believe and took great pleasure (laughing that is) when the Muz sniffed him in return.