Tuesday, June 10, 2008

India Connections: Alaska Kracker Cats Jump On

As Blossom looks on, Royce, ever in search of live, and Jimmy, always looking to create mischief, welcome Narayanamurthy to Alaska.

Nearly ten months have passed since I left India, yet India has not left me. In my mind, I go there everyday. Last month, before the American wedding at Alta, India came to me, when Vivek's parents, Narayanamurthy and Vasanthi, paid my family the great honor of visiting us right here in Alaska.

When they first entered the house, I was a little worried, because I knew that they would soon be engulfed in Kracker Cats - Royce, in particular, who, as I note in the sidebar, is always searching for love.

And yes, as soon as they came in and sat down, cats started coming. "Royce! Get down!" I scolded. "Jimmy!"

"No, no, it's okay! Let them come," Narayanamurthy, who does not keep pets in his own house, said.

And so they came, and guess what? My new Indian relatives, who do not keep animals as pets, enjoyed the friendship of the cats. They stayed with us for a week, and each day they insisted that I let Kracker Cats come and baby them.

So take heart, Good Niece Vidya. Maybe one day....

Narayanamurthy and Vasanthi stand atop 600 feet of 13,000 year old ice on the toe of the  Matanuska Glacier. Murthy was determined to cross the Arctic Circle and get a certificate, and so, a couple of days later, I drove them onto the *Haul Road, crossed the Yukon River and then the circle, and continued on to Coldfoot. Murthy now has his certificate. He plan to get it framed and then he will show it to all who enter his house. He will tell them about his great adventure in the Far North.

And maybe, just maybe, he will also drop in a word or two about the Kracker Cats.

*The Haul Road parallels the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and serves the oil fields at Prudhoe Bay. It is the only highway that penetrates the Arctic


Standtall said...

I am yet to read this post but I do love the pictures. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I left you a message in response to your comment. Nonetheless, am thanking you for visiting and loving too. I live in Nigeria. So where are you at the moment?

Standtall said...

DO you care to know how I found this blog? I subscribe to cats infromation on bloglines and they mentioned your blog. Nice information

Grahamn Kracker said...

At the moment, I am in Barrow, Alaska, where the sun has been up continually since May 10 and will not set again until August 2 - and then only for minutes. You would hardly know.

Thanks for the info about bloglines. I am about to be kicked out of the library, because they are closing and I just got here.

Will follow up later.

Varsha said...

Oh! I know Viv's parents are so thrilled to get that certificate. They told us the whole story during the wedding at Alta and also that they enjoyed a lot with you and your family in Alaska...but...they did not mention about the cats :( ..Vidya will have to keep trying I guess :) - Varsha.