Sunday, June 1, 2008

I scour Bangalore, India, in search of a cat: Part I

I am back in Alaska now, but before I continue on, I need to put my Salt Lake trip in context, so that my millions of faithful readers will understand why I had ventured down to that sinful city. Last August, my niece, Khena, married her husband Vivek in a grand and colorful Hindu ceremony, held in his hometown of Bangalore, India. One week ago today, they held a second, western, ceremony at Alta ski resort, just outside of Salt Lake. I attended both.

I was exceptionally pleased to go to India, but Khena did not want me to be too disappointed if I failed to photograph a cat there. She warned me that in her previous India travels with Vivek, she had not seen even one. Even so, I set out, walking about Bangalore, determined to find my cat. I soon found him, and this is he:

Wait! What happened? This is not my cat! This is a monkey!

The monkey's on the attack! Going after their picnic lunch!

The monkey's got their picnic lunch!

Now he's eating their grapes! Someone should spank this monkey!

So you see what happened. This thieving monkey not only stole the grapes from these poor people... and this after they had so generously offered him a cookie... but he stole this spot on my blog away from the cat, who should be here.

But I am not one to give up. My search for an Indian cat did not end here. Did I ultimately succeed? Please come back tomorrow, and find out.

To see larger copies of the images, please click on the picture.

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