Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The damn mouse could fly, but DBD knows how to jump

I had not seen Deborah By Default since the day Nabysko and Tryskuit picked her up in Palmer after she had been spayed, so I dropped in to see her at Nabysko's apartment in Anchorage. She looked good... real good.

She still awaited a permanent name. The name, "Juniper" had come to Nabysko, but her boyfriend Bryce did not like it, and so vetoed it.

I liked it, but, oh well. 
As she was looking good, DBD spotted something... something of great interest.... what could it be...?
Why, it was a mouse! A flying mouse! 

"Is it a bird?" 


"Is it a plane?"

" No! "

"Oh my gosh its MIghty Mouse!" 

DBD leaped up onto the sofa, determined to get that mouse.

She did not care how mighty it was.

The mouse got away. DBD studied it, to determine strategy for her next attack.

DBD plays it cool. She watches the mouse fly this way...

She watches the mouse fly that way. She pretends to hardly care... all to lull the mouse into a false sense of security.

But damn, if you are a cat and there is a flying mouse about, it is hard to long pretend that you don't care.

DBD leaps for the mouse, but misses.

DBD leaps again. She gets in a good swat, but does not catch that mouse.

Whoa! DBD swats that mouse again - knocks it clean up to the ceiling.

Finally, DBD catches the mouse. She bites the back of its neck to finish it off. Then she carries it to the foot of the couch, where she dozes off with the mouse at the tip of her nose.

I should not that it was boyfriend Bryce who bought the mouse toy, not Tryskuit, as I erroneously reported, back when I first introduced DBD.

Nabysko and DBD. Now, Nabysko can hardly wait to come home from work. When she does, she finds DBD waiting in the window for her. Nabysko used to come back home to Wasilla just about every Sunday.

We have not seen her here since she adopted DBD. She just does not want to leave her. Bryce fears what might happen if she were to bring DBD out here and she was confronted by Muzzy.

Of course, the truth is, she would be absolutely safe with Muzzy. She might get a little spooked when she saw his massive mass, but she would be safe.

There would be contention with the other cats, of course. Except Royce. Royce would accept her.


michico*Adan said...

DBD certainly extremely cute!!!!!

Elin! said...

fascinated cat!

Parker said...

It is good to see DBD happy with her forever home!

Anonymous said...

We are very close to settling on the name Jubilee...

Tom Cat said...

Great leap!

Daisy said...

DBD has such a cute face with those soulful eyes!

Eric and Flynn said...

DBD can sleep contently now she has caught her prey.

momsbusy said...

i believe dbd could jump over the moon!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

There is nothing like a kitten to brighten your life. After awhile, there's nothing like a cat to make it feel like home...

Anonymous said...

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