Monday, March 2, 2009

Deborah by Dafault brings me back to action

Friends! This has been one of the longest delays between posts that I have had since I started this blog, and the very longest when I have been home and not traveling somewhere. And what big picture was left hanging in the window all this time to be viewed again and again by all who dropped by?

A handsome cat?

A cute cat?

A mischievous cat?


A dog butt!

Well, its time that the dog butt got replaced as the big picture, time that a cat moved back into the rightful spot.

Deborah by Default is just the cat to do it.

I visited her and Nabysko the other day, after I attended a workshop in Anchorage.

I have a series of images from that visit to post, but it is too late now.

Still, I want to move that dog butt along and replace it as the big picture with a cat.

So I will post the pictures tomorrow, and will tell you the story, but at least that dog butt is no longer the big picture. Deborah by Default is.

The hand, by the way, is mine.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Has Deborah by Default gotten a new name yet? She sure does look like a sweetheart.

heidi said...

pretty deborah by default