Monday, March 23, 2009

Juniper is suspicious of the strange cat in the mirror

Nabysko called and said she would meet me at Kaladi Brothers in Wasilla. So I drove over and discovered that Juniper was with her.

This made me very happy.

We went inside and drank our coffee. We visited about many things, including Fox News. Nabykso was exasperated with Fox News.

When we came back out, we saw that Juniper was exasperated with us.

Nabysko then brought Juniper to the house.

Wry took a bath. After he was clean and dry, Juniper got into the tub. I wonder what she would have done, had we turned the water on?

Wry was pleased to have Juniper in the house.

I see Juniper in the mirror.

Juniper sees Juniper in the mirror. She does not know what to think.


michico*Adan said...

Mirror reminds me,
Both Adan and Lego knows that the cats in the mirrow are them, they also know seeing my reflection to know what I am doing, they can see I am turning my head from the mirrow and they also turn their heads to me, I think both of them are clever.

Juniper is so cute~!!!!

momsbusy said...

it is always fun to see a cats first reaction of their reflection in a mirror.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Cats and mirrors...until mom showed us it was our reflection we all either tried to fight or make frends wif da kitty in da mirror! Now we know it's us and we use da one on da back of da door to make sure our furs are in place.

Ikaika said...

What a sweet little girl she is! Especially in that mirror picture. Don't you just love it when they put their "flaps" down?

'Kaika's mom

kalamahina said...

such personality!

StandTall-The Activist said...


katztales said...

Juniper looks very sweet - and brave to travel in the car.

Target and Au use mirrors the way we do. They recognise themselves no problem. Au uses mirrors, shiny clean windows (quite rare in our house) and reflections from lights and polished marble floors to hunt lizards and play hide and seek.

Pop round to see us in Malaysia any time. We usually post on Tuesdays!