Monday, March 2, 2009

It's not only tomorrow, but in 15 minutes it will be the day after tomorrow

Yesterday, I stated that I would post the full story that the big DBD picture comes from tomorrow, and now tomorrow is just about over and I haven't done so.

And I am too tired to do it now. I got into a foolish, vain and pointless argument on a photography forum, that is why I ran out of time.

Tomorrow, I will refrain from engaging in any such argument and I will get the new Deborah by Default story up. Before I do, I will check with Nabysko and see if Deborah by Default is still DBD, or if the name that she will carry through life has revealed itself.

But let me say one thing right now about Deborah:

I love her. I look at her in the big picture posted here right now and I feel nothing but love - pure love. 

So I do not feel too badly that this image will be the big picture for still another day.

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