Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jim is always there

Remember what I told you about Jim? How he is always there for me? How, whenever I am home, he hangs with me throughout the day? How he will be beside me in one room and I will move to another and there he is, still beside me?

It does not matter what room, he is there.

Even when I shower, he walks around on the edge of the tub.

He gets a little wet, sometimes, just like he does when he accidently falls into a fish tank.

And so it was that when I came home with my right wrist and thumb in this brace, he was right there, with me.

That's my buddy, Jim.

Jim Slim Many Toes, because there are a whole lot of toes on that paw that he grooms.

Nobody has ever been able to count them all.

He has a bunch of toes on the other front paw, too, but not quite so many.

Jim Slim Many Toes.

I leave Jim behind in the front room and go to the back door to get my shoes. Jim appears, right there beside me.

I leave Jim behind in the living room, and go to the front room. There's Jim! In the front room! He finds a cozy spot from which to observe me.

He does not really leave me here; he stays close by, but he wants to know what this duo is up to.

Jim has been curious about the activities of Wry and he had to check, but now he is coming back to me.

I sit down to watch TV. Jim appears in front of me. We are Gone With the Wind.

Chicago climbs onto my lap. Jim doesn't like it. He waits quietly nearby for Chicago to move on.

I read the paper. Jim is there.

I go to check out Wry and his stacking cans. Jim comes with me.

My buddy, Jim.

Jim Slim Many Toes.


michico*Adan said...

I think Jim is very very adorable,
not only with you, but also taking care of babies~!
Very sweet.

momsbusy said...

jim has picked you for his person. he is very dedicated to you. jim is your four legged shadow.

maybe you can get a photo of his front paws. then post it and let everyone see if we can count how many toes he has.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Life without a cat would be no life at all...

us4 said...

Jim loves you so much! What a great kittycat you have there.

we see LMN on your tv, looks like what is always on beans.