Monday, July 21, 2008

A gray sort of day

When I speak of today as a gray sort of day, I do not speak of the clouds - although certainly there were clouds today, and brief periods of rain. I speak instead of the gray that was in my head. That's where the gray was - in my head. Not depression gray. Just lack-luster gray. No motivation. No energy. That kind of gray.

Look at Pistol! My little Pistol-Yero! Seems like he was kind of gray, too.

But not these two! The two on the left, little Wry Kracker and his dad, Toast Ed Kracker. These two bounded with color and energy all day long. I believe darling Martigny was a little gray, though. 

So the three together made a mix of gray and color.

Nabysko showed up. She was a bit gray, too - because she wants a cat to live with her, but in her apartment, no cats are allowed. I told her that if she ever moves to where cats are allowed, maybe Pistol-Yero could go live with her.

She so adores Pistol-Yero. After I said it, I grew even more gray. I don't even want to think about life in this house with Pistol-Yero gone. 

Why did I ever say such a thing?

Nabysko and Jim.

Jim and Nabysko.

Self-portrait: Jim and me. When I feel gray, it is good to have Jim there. Jim makes it kind of pleasant to feel gray.


Standtall said...

I can see ur shoulder recovering. Yes!!!

Hmmmm the Krackers!!!

Grahamn Kracker said...

Yes - I am doing my first baby-step therapy now and it has brightened my whole outlook, despite the fact that we are having gray day after gray, rainy day - and snow in the mountains!