Saturday, July 26, 2008

I will go back to telling cat stories now...

My purpose in starting this practice blog was to tell cat stories - both about the Kracker Cats and Cats Met Along the Way. While I have done done a bit of both, this little accident that seems to have brought such change to my life also seems to have thrown me slightly off track.

It is time for me to start telling cat stories again. I will do so beginning tomorrow. As the sidebar makes clear, it has been my intent to wait to tell the stories of the origins of  each Kracker Cat until I start the real blog - hopefully early in the fall.

I have been rethinking this a bit. In my mind, although they are a continuous stream, I divide the Kracker Cats into two groups, with Jimmy being the pivot point. The original Kracker Cats are those who came to us before Jim. They are the ones who educated me about cats, as I previously had no idea. These include Royce and Chicago.

The contemporary Kracker Cats are those from Jimmy on - who continue to educate me about cats, as I have just the slightest knowledge.

I have decided to go ahead and tell the stories of the contemporary Kracker Cats in this practice blog (but not Jim's - Jim's story must first appear in the real blog). I will begin with the most recent - Boxcar Bean, owner of Fire and Stephanie, and work my way back in time, until I finish with Pistol-Yero and Slick, "The Bear," as both entered the Kracker family at the same time.

Between these stories, I will throw in some "Cats Met Along the Way."

Please notify your friends and relatives and every stranger you can contact so that you all can join me tomorrow to begin the happy-sad story of how pretty Miss Angel became handsome Mr. Boxcar Bean.

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