Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I get good news, then take nap with Pistol

I am just too exhausted and weary to make much of a post tonight, but I promise you - good things are coming soon - both concerning the Kracker Cats and Cats Met Along the Way. I promise. So don't go away.

And I have good news! Today, Sunflower drove me to Anchorage where I made a followup visit to the doctor who gave me a new shoulder. He let me start my therapy! 

I don't really get to do much, but three to four times a day for the next week I am to remove my arm from the sling, bend slightly at the waist so that my arm hangs down to what ever degree it hangs down and then, by use of a gentle swaying motion from my body, let my arms swing ever so slightly back and forth. 

I do this for a week, then go back next Monday. Assuming that all goes well between now and then, he will then add in one or two range of motion excercises. "Baby steps," Doc said, "just take baby steps for now."

When I got home, I felt exceptionally sleeply - "exceptionally sleepy" being normal these days - and so I decided to take a nap.

"C'mon Jimmy!" I called out to Jim. "Let's go take a nap." Today was surprisingly cold, for late July, and so Sunflower had turned on a couple of electric heaters. Jim had positioned himself in front of one and would not budge from it - not even for a nap.

I continued on into the bedroom. There, waiting on the bed for me was Pistol. Carefully. I eased myself down. Taking care to avoid my injured shoulder, Pistol walked all the way around me and then curled up in the crook of my left arm. He turned his face to the side and pushed his forehead into my chest. He closed his eyes and purred and purred and purred.

Then, as news of Obama's visit to Iraq and of the arrest of Radovan Karadzic played on NPR, the two of us dozed happily off. Occasionally, I would slide my fingers over his fur. Each time, he would purr. We did not get up for over two hours.

One of these days I'm going to be healed and I will have to stop this kind of thing.

As the clock neared 10:00 PM, Toast Ed and Prickly Pear Blossom invited me to go on a walk with them, baby Wry and Muzzy. The rain had finally diminished to a sprinkle, so I did. We hadn't gone far before these two dogs spotted Muzzy from across the road and came charging over, eager to take him on.

Before they actually closed the distance to within fighting range, they stopped, turned around and backed away. They simply did not want to suffer the humiliation of both being whipped by a house cat - even if Muzzy was far and away the biggest and strangest looking house cat they had ever seen.


heidi said...

Pistol-Yero looks very cute with his white paws. The pictures do look a bit grey.

Grahamn Kracker said...

Yes, Heidi - his little paws are so terribly cute - as is is little white chin and little white chest, His ears are pretty darn cute, too - as are his eyes.

I kind of like his tail...

he is just one cute cat!