Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Origins of the Kracker Cats: Boxcar Bean - Part 2 of 4: I fall hopelessly in love with little Miss Angel

At the end of my last entry, I left little Miss Angel peeking out from under our porch into the Kracker's back yard. The day was June 22, 2007, and it was the first time that she had seen our backyard. She was a little spooked by it.

As you can see, she soon gained the courage to step out from beneath that porch to go exploring. Royce wondered who the heck she was.

Jimmy came over to check out the newcomer with a sniff. She sniffed him out right back.

I suppose they could have done their sniffing at the other end, but they were both unusually polite this day.

Oh, oh! I don't know what this was about!

Angel explores beneath an old canoe.

Angel in the grass.

Angel in the grass, image 2.

Once, these long-empty gas cans carried extra fuel for my now broken-airplane, The Running Dog. Now, they give Angel a new landscape to explore.

Angel passes beneath a worn-out ski.


Someone holds Angel. Who could it be?

Why, it's Charlie!

If Charlie is here, Tryskuit must be nearby.

There she is! And she holds Angel, too!

As does Sunflower. It seems like everyone allows themselves to fall in love with Angel. But I dare not. I cannot. I will not. I must find a home for Angel - a home that is not my home. It will hurt too much if I love her.

Oh no! I now hold Angel! What am I to do? I do love Angel! I cannot give her away! I cannot let her depart from this family! She must become a Kracker Cat! 

How do I accomplish this?

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springfang said...

This sounds similar to how I ended up with Annabelle. It's near impossible to take a cat into your home and not end up wanting to keep it. I even made a special point of resenting Annabelle because of how she'd try and push the other cats around. I'd think, "They were here first!" and, "You're not going to be here long, so don't get too comfortable!" But I could only hold out for so long...

So, I haven't really been "around" lately, but I'm back now. I saw your comment asking about the FrogPad, and I wanted to let you know that I have a new blog post up, and the last part talks about my current experience with the keyboard. So feel free to read it if you're considering possibly getting one.

Taddie Tales said...

S U C K E R ..... any cat lover knows that you NEVER take one on temporarily because that ALWAYS turns in to permanently - one way or another. LOL...

You are too funny Mr. Kracker. My girls are blog fans of yours now - they can't read yet but every night before bed they ask me to check if there is a new story from the "Cat Man". They look at the pictures and make up their own story. It's realy precious.

Thank you!

Standtall said...

Jimmy is sure big!!! Can u remind me how much he is? And Miss Angel is looking very angelic. She is beautiful. I am sure you can keep her if u want to

My second female cat has just given birth to her kittens. She gave birth to 3 plus the 4 from Garfield, making 7!!! Now I have 10 of them in my 2 bedroom flat with no garden!!!

Molly is with at home and my husband called to tell me that she ran form her kittens and left Garfield to lick them and eat the placenta. She is now running from her kittens!!!

Grahamn Kracker said...

Springfang - Nice to hear from you, nephew. Yes, it is hard to resent a cat for very long. I did read your Frogpad update. It sounds to me like it takes a couple of months to become proficient. In two months, I expect to be furiously typing away with two hands.

taddie tales: First, I apologize for the big delay. For some reason, the spam filter employed by my server grabbed your comment and put it in the spam folder. I did not discover this until a full day had passed and then they had problems with the server computer so it did not come through until just now.

That said, the story about your daughters thrills me!

What more could I hope to accomplish than for my pictures to be a catalyst for creative young minds.

Standtall -

I think the reason Jimmy looks so big is because Angel-Boxcar was so tiny when I took those pictures.

Royce, the orange boy, is by far the biggest of the current Kracker Cats. I think he is about 18-20 pounds.

Ten! What a challenge you face! And all because you have a good heart! I hope whatever got into Molly passes quickly, so those kittens can get their milk.

Maybe she just feels overwhelmed.

My heart is with you on this one. Wish I had a way to really help.

Skittles, The Huntress said...

Of course you fell in love with Little Miss Angel! She's a cat! Duh!

BTW: who says a cat blog is not a "real" blog????? HUH?????

I and some other kitties may disagree with you on that point.

Ummmm, that bull moose looked pretty evil. You may want to get a can of Mao and Rocky's vicious deer repellent over at Skeezix' site.

Skittles, The Huntress

Grahamn Kracker said...

To hear from someone named Skittles - purr delight!!

Of course a cat blog is a real blog! You misinterpret my perfectly chosen wors, Dear Skittles! The point that I tried to make is that, for me, this is a practice blog. Once I get blogging down a bit better, and figure some things out, then I will begin the real Kracker Cat blog.

Stick with me for a few months. My point will become clear.

So this is a practice blog. The real blog - without a doubt, a cat blog - will come later. In the fall.

Yes, when that moose came, we were pretty worried about safety. You saw Royce. He is a cat, a hunter, a predator. We feared he would attack t hat moose and tear it up for jerky.

michico*Adan said...

This is my very first time be here, and I immediately in love your kitties~!!!
They are all very beautiful~!
Angel is really an angel~!!!
Very adorable!

Grahamn Kracker said...

Than you, Michico*Adan!

I'm glad you found my little site - in no small part because now I have found your site. Some fine kitties there as well. Love them all!

Standtall said...

Thanks a lot. In fact they are 11 not 10. She delivered 4 not 3. I got to know that when I got home I will try and blog abt her behaviour sooner.

And for Jimmy I will like to know how old he is not how much. sorry

Grahamn Kracker said...

I got Jimmy in April of '01 and it was believed that he was 8 months old at the time, which means that his eighth birthday coul...d be anytime right about now.

(as for those three ... that break the "could' above, Jimmy stepped onto my keyboard as I was typing and put those ... in himself.

I believe he was saying "hi."

Boy! 11 kitties! I will be following your blog.