Thursday, July 31, 2008

Origins of the Kracker Cats: Boxcar Bean - Part 3 of 4: Home for Angel is a Kracker Home

When Fire first brought Stephanie home, a dog came with her - a chocolate lab by the name of Cassie. Stephanie was definitely a dog person, and she could not totally hide her dismay when she first stepped into the Kracker house and saw cats lounging and wandering about everywhre. Worse yet, Royce walked up to her, stopped at her feet and then without warning, suddenly leaped upwards to her chest.

Stephanie screamed, but her reflexes were quick and she caught him. Then she discovered that he felt kind of good, cradled there in her arms like that. Still, "I'm a dog person," she insisted. Yet, each time Fire would bring her to the house, a cat would appear upon her lap and she would look quite content as she sat there and stroked it.

"The Kracker Cats are okay," she would insist, "but I'm a dog person."

By the time I rescued little Miss Angel, Fire and Stephanie had been married for 14 months. Given the hugs, pets, strokes and cooing Stephanie had poured out upon the cats each time the two came over, however strong her feelings towards dogs, it was apparent that Stephanie had now become a cat person as well.

So I placed a call to the happy young couple. "You know, I rescued a kitten today and I must find a home..."

"Oh!" Stephanie exclaimed, "Fire and I were just talking today. We decided it is time to get a cat. We are planning to start searching tomorrow. We could come out there, first!"

Darn! I was secretly hoping that she would say, "thanks but no thanks. I'm sure it's a nice kitty, but I'm a dog person."

Then I could tell Sunflower that I had made a heroic effort to find a home for Angel, but, doggonit and dagnabbit, I had failed and I could not put this kitty on the street or into the pound and so, as much as I hated too, I would just keep it here with us.

So Fire and Stephanie arrived the next day to begin their cat search. That search ended the moment their eyes focused upon little Miss Angel.

As you can see, Miss Angel made Fire and Steph very happy.

Angel and Royce say their mournful goodbyes.

The happy trio drive away. Afterward, I returned to the house. Without Angel, it felt very empty in there.

Up next: Little Miss Angel becomes Mr. Boxcar Bean.


Standtall said...

This is soooooooooooo good to know. Miss Angel has found a good home.

I pray my kittens would have a happy ending too

Victor Tabbycat said...

There's nothing like a good cat to convert a dog person! The firstest cat knowed Dad would be a good cat person, an Scruffy began his FT trainin. Bonnie taught him to respect us, an I's teachin him... to give the bestest tummy rubs!
Boxcar/Angel looks a little like me, but more tabby. Purrs!

Sweet Praline said...

Welcome to the cat blogger. Mom said we would come by later and read more about your history, but we wanted to stop by and say hello.

Praline and Mom Paula

Grahamn Kracker said...

Standtall - I, too, pray for that happy ending.

Victor and sweet - Nice to meet the two of you. I will explore your sites as well.