Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Intermission continues: Happy Birthday to Me!

Look, I had honestly intended to finish Part 6 of 6, but late in the day an unexpected task arose and before I could finish it, my kids started to appear inside my house, having come to wish me a happy birthday. What was I supposed to do - ignore all that food and cake, just so I could finish part six?

Of course not!

This scene, with Martigny zealously looking out for baby Wry, is from early in the day, before I even realized that it was my birthday.

Stephanie and Fire were the first to arrive, Chicago soon  joined them. Please don't forget - if you simply click on these tiny images, they will blow up and you will get a better idea of what they actually look like.

"Pistol, I feel so used!" I heard Nabysko exclaim at one point, as I ate my birthday chicken. "You come to me, purring. I give you my chicken and then you leave."

Fire brings my cake. There are eight candles on it. Do my children really think that I am only eight years old? How do they think I could be eight and still be their dad? What I am is 28. At my age, it feels really good to be 28.

I like being 28. It is a good age. I believe I will stay 28 for yet a couple of decades more to come.

Later, after dinner, at about 9:00 PM, a whole bunch of us took a walk. After we reached pavement, we spotted this woman, walking toward us with two dogs. When the dogs saw Muzzy, they could not believe that a cat could be so big. One of them had to  sniff Muzzy's rather public privates, to see if he actually was a cat, or just a pretender.

As distasteful as it was to him, Muzzy, by far the biggest and strangest looking of all the Kracker cats, sniffed right back. No wiseguy dog was going to intimidate this Kracker cat!


springfang said...

Happy (late) birthday, Uncle Bill! I shamefully admit that I didn't know it was your birthday, but I'm glad your immediate family didn't forget.

I, too, think that 28 is a good age, and I'm thinking about staying there for a while, too... once I get there, that is. :)

Taddie Tales said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Kracker!!!

You're getting pretty good at those one armed photo taking sessions.


Standtall said...

How did I miss your b’day too? Hmmm, it’s because I didn’t visit ur blog on the 14th. I just responded via d comment I received in my email. HAPPY BELATED B’day!!! There is a blogger that shares ur b’day http://ladyguide.blogspot.com/

If that's u in th picture, I can see that ur shoulder is intact. I am happy for that

Grahamn Kracker said...

Thanks Standtall. I'm afraid I'm any in any of the pictures tough. I'm be hind the camera in every one. My shoulder has a long way to go.

Standtall said...

Okay. Wishing u the best