Thursday, July 10, 2008

INTERMISSION!!! "Car rider Pistol and the Boy Cyclist" INTERMISSION!!!

It had been my intention to post "Part 6, of 6: After five more days in the hospital, I receive the sermon of Jesse, a black cat" tonight, and so bring to an end my recount of my adventures in the hospital. In fact, I have put a fair amount of slow work into that entry, but I am not quite done, yet I grow so weary of typing with one hand that I must stop for now, anyway.

Yet, Nabysko called me awhile back. "Dad, it seems like forever since you have made a post on your blog," she griped.

So I decided I had better put something up, at least an intermission post, anyway. Why not Pistol as he rides in the car and gives torment to a red-headed boy on a bike?


Anonymous said...

I really like the use of "!"'s... it really suits Pistol's reaction well.
I am very glad to see that you have posted again, even if it is indirectly a response to my impatience. Its just good to have a visual reminder of all the reasons why I know I love having a place that really is my home, and the reasond why I recognize the word 'love' at all-nabysko!!!

springfang said...

Speaking of typing with one hand, remember that one-handed keyboard that I mentioned I had bought but had to return? Well, I got the replacement earlier this week and am using it now.

I don't know how long you're going to be forced to type with one hand, but if it's going to be for a prolonged period of time you might want to check out Frogpad (or one of the other alternatives). I'm still adjusting to it, but so far I like it -- I can mouse and type at the same time, although I can only do about 20 WPM so far.

Of course, my reasons for using it are much different than yours would be...

Grahamn Kracker said...

Dear Anonymous Nabysko:

In the Kracker House, love always awaits you - as do the Kracker Cats.

Speaking of which, as I ate my oatmeal this morning, Pistol strolled grumpily by and uttered a single "meow."

Remember what I have told you about this word, "meow"? That it is the most meaningful word in the world, meaning that a cat can pack it with meaning that the cat so chooses; a cat can load one single "meow" with countless scriptures and volumes of poetry.

This is how Pistol's meow translated:

"Damnit! Where the hell is my girl, Nabysko? Hell! I walk in and out of every damned room in the damn house, day after damned day, looking the hell all over the place just for the damned sweet sight of her, but, damnit to hell! Do I see her?

"Where the hell is she?"

I sure wish Pistol wouldn't swear so much, but that's how he has been ever since that day we brought him home from the pound.

At least, he limits his cussing to the "D" and "H" words. Well, most of the time.

Springfang -

I do remember what you said about that one-handed keyboard and many times I have thought I should look into it.

It's just that I have been spending so much time typing on my regular keyboard and mousing left handed with my regular mouse that I have not had the time to look into it to see if it might save me some time.

But I will.