Thursday, August 21, 2008

Almost folks - almost

Actually, I have finished "Section A" of "Part 4" of the five part series and I cut at least 1000 words out of it, but there is also a "Section B." It will be very simple, with few words, but about one week ago today, three of us Krackers took Baby Wry out to eat with us and then we caught him chewing on the table.

He got sick after that and then everybody got sick. Up until today, it has not been near so bad in me as in my sons and daughter-in-law, but it intensified into something very miserable last night and today... well, you don't want to hear about today. Fortunately, it was relatively easy on baby Wry and he is fine, now.

This nasty, vicious, ind-destroying bug has made my brain even more dull than normal, so I guess I will spend another night tossing, turning and making mucus, then I will see if I can finish the post in the morning, or afternoon at the latest. It's a fact, though, that the Alaska State Fair started today and Prickly Pear Blossom wants us all to go tomorrow, if it is not pouring cold rain. I don't think that I will, but you never know. If I do, it will be evening before I post "Part 4."


Angel said...

Oh, big hugs you and yours. I hope you all stop making excess mucus (ewwwww) and are able to enjoy the fair tomorrow. Wish I could go with you! Kiss little Wry for me please.

Standtall said...

So so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy GK