Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Intermission II: The exhaustion continues; catching up with the Kracker Cats

Look at Pistol-Yero! Why can't I do this? Why must I lie awake all night, writhing? Not tossing and turning - boy, do I wish I could toss and turn! Even though I now heal rapidly, this shoulder will not let me toss and turn. I must lie on my back, and stay off my sides. So I can only writhe. And as I writhe, Pistol is always there with me - lying on my legs, my ankles, sometimes my chest.

And if by accident my writhing should wake him?

He just shifts a few inches to another position and goes right back to sleep.

Not even baby Wry, playing with a lid, can ruin Pistol's Sleep. Hey! I've got some more good stories to tell, and pictures to go with them! But I am too exhausted. I need a break right now. But I am always taking pictures - everyday - and the Kracker Cats often work their way into them.

So I am going to spend two or three posts catching up on recent Kracker Cat pictures and then I will tell another story. I'm trying to decide which one. 

Jim, Wry and Prickly Pear Blossom. There are some folks down in Arizona, in both Apache and Navajo lands, who really love it when Wry appears on this blog. So, Arizona family, Wry is here today, for you.

Prickly Pear Blossom and baby Wry, with Jim out of the picture.

Royce, Sunflower and baby Wry.

"He's an Indian cowboy in the rodeo, and I'm just another little girl who loves him so..." H'mmm... wonder if any pretty little girl might sing that song for Wry one day? If so, it will be the fault of Muzzy and of Wry's dad, Toast Ed.

Muzzy, Wry and Toast Ed: off-roading. 

I sure hope they didn't run over any frogs out there. There's lots of frogs out there - although not near so many as there used to be. What has happened to all these frogs?


Standtall said...

Jimmy stood out in the picture. What a gracious black cat. How r u doing?

Team Tabby said...

Those are adorable pictures of baby Wry. We love tiny baby beans, but they don't visit often here. A couple of weeks ago, baby Aidan visited us. He is 5 months old, but lives far away in Ottawa.

Mindy & Moe