Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Please bear with me once again

I am in pretty much the same situation as before. I have placed all the pictures for Part 4 of this five-part series and I have completed my text in draft - a very, very, long draft. Yet this time I do not wish to cut even a single word of it, but I realize that I must. 

It is 10:21 PM - early for me, but none-the-less I feel that I must stop now and hold this until after I suffer through another night of fitful sleep. Yes, that is the stage of recovery that I am in. Real sleep has become impossible. Fitful sleep is the only sleep that I get. Five minutes here, ten there, 15... damn! Sometimes a half-hour!

Of all 5 parts, Part 4 is the one that I must get as close to right as possible. It will be a terribly painful post, yet, as much as any piece of work that I have ever done, one that will show the innate courage that can reside within the human heart - especially when that heart is coupled with the soul of an animal. In this post, deeply hurt individuals will rise to amazing accomplishments - and this will be done with the help of a cat named Romeo.

Please come back and read Part 2.

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