Friday, August 29, 2008

Wasilla, Alaska, once tranquil home of the Kracker Cats, suddenly and unexpectedly pulled into the national spotlight by John McCain and Sarah Palin

We could not believe the news we received via a phone call this morning, shortly after we staggered out of bed. We heard that John McCain was going to announce that Sarah Palin, of the Kracker Cats' own little town of Wasilla, would be his running mate for Vice President. 

So we turned on the TV. It was true. John McCain called her out, introduced her and then she started to speak. Jimmy jumped up onto the TV stand for about 30 seconds. He did not voice an opinion. The only politics he cares about is cat politics, in which the debates are short and often involve a quick hiss and a slashing claw.

Now, everybody is going to want to know about Wasilla. National and international news media will pour into this valley like a flood, hoping to learn about this place. Maybe the Kracker Cats and we their people will have to move to a more out of the way spot, from where no one is running for Vice President, just to find a little peace and quiet.

Looks like I have to wait at least another day to catch up on the recent, backlogged, Kracker Cat photos.


michico*Adan said...

I think Jimmy knows about something,
but he can't announce too well,
but he did some action to show his meanings to Sarah, hahaha~~

Team Tabby said...

We usually have da radio on in da kitchen so we hears da news last night. The announcer said to 'stay tuned' cause they were going to be right back with the announcement that Mr. McCain was picking a vice presidential candidate from 'north of 60'!! That gots out attention. When we saw Jimmy in front of da TV on yer blog we almost thought he was the candidate, ha, ha. We're cats, we would vote for Jimmy in a heartbeat.

Mindy & Moe

Standtall said...

LMAO. Jimmy really position himself well. He is heading for the white house