Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Double Calico day - pending startup of "the real blog"

Martigny ate a moth tonight. I didn't witness it. I was here in my office, doing some work when Toast Ed exploded through the door. "Martigny ate a bug!" he exclaimed. "Prickly Pear Blossom is freaked out." 

So I went into the house. Prickly Pear looked dismayed. Martigny looked proud. Prickly Pear described how a moth flew into the glow of the lamp and Martigny attacked, moving fast, claws flashing. She knocked the moth onto the coffee table and then gobbled it up.

"I don't want my cat eating moths!" Toast Ed quoted Prickly Pear.

Martigny walked to me with her tail held high. I could see how proud she was.

Chicago on my lap. You don't see Martigny in this picture. The two calicos do not get along. There would have been a lot of hissing, growling and clawing had both been in the picture together.

Now, as to the launch of "the real blog," I wrestle a bit. On one hand, I have grown kind of fond of blogger, and I have met so many other interesting bloggers because of blogger, such as Michico, who gave me the award at the bottom of this post, that I am kind of tempted to keep cat blogging on blogger.

On the other hand, I have a real story to tell and it goes back over 17 years. When I start the real blog, I will go back to the beginning. My main problem with blogger is that the initial display of photos within posts is too small.

Remember how last night I asked readers to please click on the first photo of Kita, so that they could see this cat stick its tongue out at me? I would like a reader to be able to see that tongue without having to click on the picture.

I have discovered "Squarespace," which presents larger images in posts and is more flexible in many different ways. It's more complicated, too, and it comes with a fee. But I have been experimenting with another blog that I would like to do, a blog about living in Wasilla, but a blog that will also be about getting out of Wasilla, too.

You can check that Wasilla blog experiment out here:


I haven't made up my mind, but I am seriously thinking about doing the relaunch on Squarespace. If I do, I will keep this blog up indefinitely, and will keep the two linked together. Eventually, I would transfer the material from here to there.

Thank you, Michico, for this award. The rules state that I must now pass it on to seven other bloggers, and give them links, too. I know who some of those bloggers are, but I'm still figuring it out, so I will name my awardees and post their links tomorrow.


Taddie Tales said...

Martigny is so beautiful - just like my calico beauty.

How exciting!!!! I LOVE the new blog about Wasilla and the photos are so incredible. Thank you for sharing your life and family with us.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

You do know that we blogger.com blog people will read a blog we like from ANYWHERE. I have blogs on my reader from Wordpress, blogharbor, freeblogs and even some with their own servers.

Grahamn Kracker said...

Thank you, Taddie, and you are welcome. With luck, I would love to meet your calico beauty.

zippy, sadie and speedy - glad to hear that, and that's what I figured. Love to meet you three, too...